Thursday, June 28, 2012

My First Week at the MTC

Thursday, June 28, 2012 11:38 AM

Hello family and friends!!

Wow, one week down here in the MTC. It is so crazy here. You do things for 16 hours a day, every second of those hours, and roughly sleep for about 7 and a half.

This weekend was the New Mission President Seminar at the MTC so do you know what that means?! The whole Quorum of the 12 and President Monson has been here all week!! With that being said one of the greatest opportunities of my life happened. I was handed a letter the day I arrived here asking if me and my companions would pass the sacrament to the Quorum of the 12 last Sunday. Yes you all read that correctly. I really can’t put it into words.  I specifically passed to the Quorum of the 70 and their wives but sat literally 10 feet away on the first row from the prophet and the Quorum of the 12, since seats were reserved for those passing.  I have never seen them so close before. This was a closed sacrament in a fairly small room. The spirit was incredible. When President Monson walked in we all stood and I had to try so hard not to cry since I had to pass. After I passed, I sat down and a choir sang “Consider the Lilies.” I just completely lost it. The spirit was so strong and I was so honored to be that close and in the presence of the Prophet and his Apostles. I have never flowed crying tears like that ever. It was one of the best experiences of my life. They even let us stay for the meeting where only the Prophet talked for 45 minutes. I listened so intently and I wish it would have never ended.

After, I went and found President Brown, President of the M.T.C., who gave to me this opportunity. Again with tears in my eyes I mustered out the words, “thank you so much for this opportunity” and that was all I could say before I broke down again. I can’t describe it. THE SPIRIT IS REAL. That is the only way I can describe it. It was amazing. Out of 2,300 missionaries I was one of the 36 that passed to the prophet. I love him so much and you can feel his love for us missionaries and mission presidents. I also got to meet my mission president and his wife. All I can say is they are 2 of the most incredible people I have ever met. I CAN’T wait to get to Spain to see them again.

I love this gospel and everything about it. I will never forget about that experience ever. I don’t think I could.


Elder Farah

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