Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Just Love Our Font (AKA Mini Swimming Pool)

Our Newest Member!


Another one bites the dust in the mission field.  And our baptism was a success and they were both confirmed on Sunday!! I just love that I can sit down every week and tell you a miracle story and the hardest part is picking one from the week that we saw! But my miracle has to do with our baptism of Raluca. She was baptized and her parents are both members and she is 14. She knew everything before we taught her she just needed a little push from the missionaries to be baptized :) but after she was baptized she wanted to share her testimony and she shared an incredible testimony and started crying during it. I couldn’t believe that was our convert standing up there. We really didn’t do anything; the Lord prepared her so well. And I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of her baptism!

But of course there had to be problems with the font.  We starting filling it again, assuming that all the holes were fixed because that is what our ward mission leader told us.  So we started filling it and then went to stack chairs and get the church ready. Then we looked at the font again and there was water leaking, there was another hole!! So we couldn’t just leave it.  But of course the hole was right in the middle of the tarp/font thing.  So we ran to the store to buy a patch kit to fix it and came back.  But the problem was that there was already water in the font, and we couldn’t drain it because we didn’t have enough time to drain it and then refill it. So our only option was to get in and pull up the tarp from the bottom, slide a chair underneath, sit on top of the tarp on the chair and fix it.  And we didn’t have time to go home and change. So I told Elder Perkis to go watch the door and I just took off my suit and clothes and jumped in!! Ha ha it was so funny, and I managed to get it fixed and there were no problems with the font after.  But it was just hilarious as I am in the font with no clothes fixing this stinking hole. But it worked and the baptism was a success!! Me and my companion were laughing so hard. But it is just the memories, and I love it.

We might be having another baptism this week but I am not sure, the girl wants to be baptized but I am not sure if her parents will let her.  But we were knocking doors the other day and we found 2 families that want us to return and teach them!! So we are super excited to do that and I would love to baptize a whole family!! I love this work and I love this gospel. I could never deny it!


Elder Farah

P.S. Sorry the email is late, this week was transfers and I am just staying with Elder Perkis.

And They Go Down!!!

Bon Dia Amigos!!!

So this week has been way good, our baptism was great!! Except for the fact that our ward mission leader said we was going to fix the font so it would stop leaking and he fixed it but then started the water really late so we didn’t have a lot. So we did buckets again and when the service started there wasn’t a lot of water, and I was doing the baptism!! So it was a little difficult, but I still got her down the first time :) and it was so great. The only problem is that she showed up to church late so she will be confirmed the next week, even though the Bishop should have done it at the end of the meeting. It has been a while since I have physically baptized someone, since December I think. And when I was in the water saying the prayer, I just could feel the sprit so strong and I just love having the opportunity to baptize people. It is such a great privilege and an honor to do that. So it was a very good experience for me and a good reminder of how great it feels to baptize someone.

My miracle that I loved this week occurred was with a 16 year old less active boy that we have been working with a lot lately. His mom is super strong in the church, but he is going through a time where he wants to find that this church really is his thing because he was born into it. I remember going through a similar thing once when I was his age so I can really relate to him and that has helped a lot. We were talking with him about the relationship that he has with his mom, because it is just the 2 of them. I think that really helped him and he is trying to be a better son for her. And to top it all off he came to church this past Sunday, and stayed all 3 meetings! I was so excited and happy for him. I know that reactivating is a huge part of the work as well. Reactivating someone strongly is like a baptism for me. Ha ha sorry mom for how much of a pain I was when I was 16...

And what is going on with these bombings? I heard from some members that Boston and Texas got hit with some terrorist attacks or something. And the war with north and south Korea?? Ha ha what is going on!! I would love to know.

But other then that I just keep rolling on here in Spain. As a district we are seeing a lot of success and we will have another baptism this week!! As well as everyone else in our district.  I really love the family and the unity we have together and they are all doing so great!! And Mothers Day is approaching, my companion just reminded me of that. And we all know what that means!! Ha ha love you all have a great week!


Elder Farah

Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Week Down!

Another week down in the good old mission field of Spain Barcelona. This week was actually really great and we saw a ton of miracles. And as a district we have a ton of fechas right now and they are doing so good!! I just love the friendship that we all have and the family that we are here out in the field. The zone is doing great and I still love having Elder Tirado and Roberts as my zone leaders. But Elder Roberts is done in about 2 weeks!!! That is so crazy.

We saw a huge miracle this week. We have had an investigator for a while and the only thing that has been stopping her from baptism is her marriage and they have been trying to get married for months and then one day I was talking with the Bishop and he said that they were married now and now she is getting baptized this week!!! And then we have another one the following week. The Lord is just blessing us so much these days, he is so merciful.

But we really want to start finding new people, we have a decent pool of people to teach but they aren’t progressing and won’t accept a fecha. So that means start finding news!! So we will be visiting a lot of members and knocking some doors to find some new people. Pray for us!! Ha ha.

I really don’t have much to say this week, just another week in the mission field with the typical crazy adventures!! It is starting to get really hot down in Castellon, but now we are finally able to take off our suits so that is nice now that conference is over. And conference was so good, I love listening to the Prophet and his Apostles and now I have such a stronger testimony of them being out here in the field. They are real men called of God and I have so much love and respect for them. We always need to be obedient to the commandments and what they say!! I love you all so much, drop me a line sometime!!


Elder Farah

Monday, April 8, 2013

I Love Conference!

Conference was the best!! Granted I did have to watch it in Spanish. We had to watch it in a member’s home because we don’t get it down here in our little town, and we weren’t able to watch the last session because it is too late here. I think we will watch it for District Meeting. I will need to talk to some members in Valencia to get that set up ha ha. But there was only one place to watch it in English with headphones, and of course I let my comp watch it in English because he wouldn’t have understood a word in Spanish. But it was actually good, it made me pay really, really close attention and surprisingly I understood mostly everything. I love President Uchtdorf’s talk about light and darkness. I just think of how we help these people come to the light and put them on the right path! And I liked Elder Cardon’s (I think that is his name) talk about forgiveness. It is all so true, the Lord wants to forgive us, we just have to be humble enough to repent and use the atonement in our lives. That is why we have it! And we need to forgive ourselves and others. I really liked those two talks, and am excited to watch or read the last session sometime soon! 

We will be having a baptism on the27th! It is this Romanian girl, we went and visited her and her family and it is all official now, so we are pretty stoked about that. But we want one before then, so we are working really hard with the people we have to push them to get in the water!  Easter was pretty normal here. Spain was pretty much a ghost town this week. It was a holiday all week for the semana santa because the Catholics are huge during Easter and take the whole week off. But for us it was just like normal, almost like it didn’t even come — ha ha — holidays and things like that don’t really occur to me too much anymore, it is just like a normal day! But yeah that’s about it; interviews with president are this week. I love interviews with him! I love just sitting and talking with him about the missionary life and what we can do to be better. So I am excited to see him this week. Hopefully I pass!! Ha ha,
Aright, hope all is well, summer is coming!! Hopefully with how much I sweat during summer I will lose some weight.


Elder Farah

Monday, April 1, 2013

Looking Towards the Future

Another Baptism

Happy Birthday Elder Farah!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!! 

Well this week has been a lot of fun, and a lot of work. We had Cindy’s baptism and it was amazing and flawless. Well the baptism part. Of course the font was leaking again and nobody has fixed it yet so again I spent most of my time mopping the constant slow leaks. And the water gets pumped out of a wall with a tube that sticks into the wall and some little kid decided to pull out the tube out and water started flying everywhere ha ha it was way funny. But I just was in the back mopping and the service went on a d it was great. Elder Perkis baptized her and did it perfectly and he was so excited after and he could barely finish the prayer because he started to cry. It was great. And we set another fecah this week with a girl from Romania. Her parents are members but she never has been baptized because she lives in the areal where there hasn’t been a church. But now that we are going down there once a month to have a sacrament, she can be baptized. So we taught her and invited her to be baptized and she accepted! The only thing is that she lives kinda far...but we will baptize her no matter what!! So she can be with her family in the gospel.

My birthday has also gone well. The members are so nice to me. On Friday night they threw me a surprise party in a members home and had a cake there and dinner. And then Saturday we ate at a member’s house and she also made a cake for me and they sang to me as well and gave me a present. And then on Sunday they all told me happy birthday and what not. I love the people here so much, I love serving here in Castellon. It is amazing and I never want to leave!! Even today some members invited us over to play ping pong for p-day and it was way fun, I still got it in table tennis :) But the people here are great. And it just makes me want to work harder to make them happier with the ward increasing.

I have been super busy this week as normal these days!! But I really think the ward is starting to trust us a lot. They are always calling me for things and for favors and to invite us over to eat. Training is a lot of work, especially with the language but it is totally worth it!! And I think my first district meeting went well. We baked the cake that mom sent me because it was another Elder’s birthday and our oven doesn’t work in our piso so we made it at the church and ate it. It was so good, thank you mom!

Other than that I am just going forward, working as hard as I can to set an example for my new elder!! I really am teaching him everything!! It reminds me of the days where Elder Tirado taught me everything down to polishing my shoes and how to do laundry Spain style. And now I am doing it! Funny how the world goes round. Happy Easter!!


Elder Farah.

P.S...Elder Orth is returning with honor :)