Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another Week Down at the MTC

Hello family and friends!!!!

So another week down here in the MTC. This week wasn’t as exciting as the last since the Quorum of the 12 and the First Presidency wasn't here but being in the MTC is always a spiritual experience.

On Monday, I think it was, we received our travel plans and I am receiving my VISA tomorrow. My flight leaves for Madrid on Tuesday at 8 am. I can’t believe it has already been almost three weeks. Off to Spain and the MTC over there!!! I had finally just gotten my feet under me here but now I have to leave again. I am excited but at the same time pretty scared and sad. We have already bonded with so many other elders here and gotten close but now we have to leave. And one of my companions, Elder Roney, hasn’t received his visa yet so me and Elder Schwartz have to go without him.

Alright one experience I had stuck out to me this week. An elder in my district received a letter from home one day. Now this elder is a Tongan form Hawaii. He looks so intimidating but he is the nicest elder ever and has such a big heart. Back home I guess his brother has gone out of control drinking and smoking and stealing and doing whatever he wants. His parents can’t control him because he is so much bigger than them and he will swing back. So Elder Finau just completely loses it and starts crying because he feels so bad for his mom and wants his brother to do good so bad. So me and half my district try to go calm him down and be there for him. We just let him talk it out, but he could barely talk he was so sad and hurt. This went on for about 5 minutes. Then we sat there in silence for about minute while he was sobbing. Then out of nowhere he wipes away his tears and says "let’s go to work." Immediately we all grab our books and leave the class room to get on the computer to start studying Spanish.

It didn’t occur to me till yesterday what happened there. It was incredible. One minute this elder is so hurt and sad and wants to go home and then out of nowhere we go to work and he was totally fine. The spirit and miracles of God are real. That wouldn’t just happen on its own. I have never seen a man or anyone go from uncontrolled sobbing to a working mindset like that.

MIRACLES ARE REAL! Exact obedience will bring miracles in the work and that’s exactly what happened. His faith was so strong that he wanted to focus on his purpose and be a missionary and the Lord did the rest.

I look up to everyone in this district and I am very sad to leave them on Tuesday. I’m scared as well. But my branch president told me ships are always safe in the harbor, but they were meant to sail. Looks like I am sailing off on Tuesday.

I love this gospel. This is so hard but I know I need to do it. Learning a language in 9 weeks is beyond the natural mans capable ability. The gift of tongues is real. I am becoming a living testimony of it.

Hope everything is good!!


Elder Farah

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