Monday, October 28, 2013


                       Elder Farah's new companion is Elder Johnson who is in the middle
                                                         on the bottom of the Pyramid.

                                      Elder Farah "talking to Satan" at Zone Conference

Hello all!!!

Ok first of all, Halloween might not exist here at all but we might buy a bag of candy that day to celebrate or something...not sure. There are lots of other random holidays, but none of the American ones!!

But this week we just found a bunch of people, 8 new people. We have been going so hard and just talking with everybody and trying to invite as many people to be baptized and to come to church. Eduardo is so insanely close to being baptized, it is killing me!! I know he will take this step really soon. I can’t wait!! We have developed such a great relationship over the past few weeks and he is such a good man, 28 from Columbia. But other than that, just trying to find.

My companion is great, pretty laid back and always has a good attitude!! My kind a guy!! so it is fun to work with him, training seems to be going a little bit smoother now this time than before, maybe just now that I can speak Spanish a tiny bit better...but training is a lot of fun!! I just want to continue baptizing for the branch. They are a funny bunch here. All 40 or 50 of them that come!! If there is even a little rain outside they refuse to come....ha ha. Oh us Mormons.

Anyway this week we have interviews with president, it is always good to see him.

Rise and shout, win the day.

Elder Farah

Monday, October 21, 2013

Let's Go!

Well I got my new missionary!!! This will be the third one I am blessed to train, and my first American!!! He is Bountiful Utah and went to Woodscross High School, and played LAX. So he is a stud LAX player from Utah. My kind a kid!! And he is way nice, and bigger than me. So we are going to have lots of fun and baptize the world up here I hope.

Other than that I was in Barc and traveling a lot this week. It is like a 7 hour train ride from here to Barcelona, most boring thing ever. The first 2 hours are good looking out the window but then after that I am just hungry and wanna get out ha ha. And so we got back late Thursday and just hit the work. It is amazing how being out of your area for like 3 days can really slow down, just constantly have to be working and talking to everyone. 

So my miracle has to be from church. A member brought a friend with her!!! It came out of nowhere and this member is 16, and brought her friend. They said they are coming to a Noche de hogar tonight so we plan on teaching her after that. I am just always so impressed by the jovenes throughout the world, they are always so willing to share the gospel and be good friends. No wonder the jovenes and JAS get baptized, they share the gospel!! But more than anything a member actually did some missionary work up here, great stuff!!

Great to hear about them cougars, and ducks. Onward ever onward boys!!

Love you all,

Elder Farah

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Transfers + a Miracle Baptism

Hello world!!

Well I am staying in Las Arenas and will be training once again here, for the third time in my mission.  We head into Barcelona later today; it is like a 7 hour train ride and then I will pick up my new missionary and be home Wednesday or Thursday.  So it will be exciting to see who I get! Maybe I will get an American this time ha ha.

Well do I sure have a miracle for you. Ariel and his baptism was a miracle in of itself because he came to us and said he was ready, all we did was fellowship him and tried to be his best friend and then he finally took the step. But anyway on testimony meeting Sunday he bolted up to the pulpit, the second person up there. And he shared his story a little bit how at first he thought we were just another church and he was going for his girlfriend. Then he said right before he got baptized as he was standing at the top of the font and thought to himself “I have decided to follow Jesus Christ and I plan on being here for such a long time and here I don’t feel alone and I have support and love.” I have never heard a more powerful convert testimony and he even had tears in his eyes. It was such a huge miracle! 

It is just getting a little chilly up here, and a little wet. I think I see a lot of doors in my future ha ha unless I can get these members to help, I think they are starting to come around more. But this was a great weekend, and we have another man named Eduardo super close to the waters of baptism. Gotta love it!

OK well bring on the newbie!

Elder Farah 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Before and After

Having a fixed toe is the best, conference is better!

So as you all know we just listened to the prophet of God and his apostles; the only apostles and prophet that are on this earth with the power and authority of God. I love conference!! It has taken a whole new meaning for me and I have never loved it so much. Something about being a missionary just makes it that much better. I loved how Elder Hales started out the conference by talking about conference, go figure! It really is the Lord’s conference. No wonder it’s so good...

We didn’t see the Sunday afternoon session; we have to wait for the Liahona (Ensign) to read it in a month or so. But I really don’t have a favorite talk!! I loved so many of them, but my favorite inspirational line I pulled out was “you can do it, now.”  I love that!!! We can do anything, now, with the help of God. And in my missionary head I thought “I can baptize and be a great missionary, now.” I take what I have, and give it to the Lord, and he will multiply it and work through me! I feel like I have learned so much in these last 3 weeks between stake, zone, and general conference.

And for my toe...I have not felt that much pain in a long, long was terrible!! It turns out it was super in-grown, I thought I saw the edge of the nail and just had an infection but turned out I had both. The doctor looked at it, shook her head and said we are taking this out now and hacked my toe. It killed. But she took out the nail then had to clean it all up in there to get the infection out. Now I am on drugs for the infection and going back Thursday so she can stop it from in-growing again because she cut so far down. It killed! And for some reason couldn’t give me anesthesia because of the infection or something. But now it feels great!

And we have our baptism locked in this week; we have the interview set and everything! We are very excited. He is a 20 year old Bolivian. Miracle! 

I hope you all enjoyed conference and encourage you to look over your notes and talks. 

Love you all!!

Elder Farah