Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Last the best of all!!!

So I had my last concilio yesterday, it was a really bittersweet experience. When there are zone leaders going home and it is their last concilio, they always make us get up and take a few minutes to say what we have learned and what the Lord has taught us on our missions.  It was literally impossible for me to put into a few words all that the Lord has taught me!! I honestly got up there and didn’t know what to say, and I hadn’t really thought about it either because I was in denial that it was my last concilio ha ha. But it was a sweet experience and bittersweet all at once. 

And now we are back in Palma. Our mission goal for June is to find 2000 new investigators, we normally average around 1400 so it will be a stretch but we are going to go for it, while trying to work with the members more. So we will see how it goes!! And our joven Edgar came to church on Sunday!! It was a huge miracle and he is on track to get baptized this Saturday if all goes well, we have been teaching him for about three or four months now. 

We saw a lot of good miracles this week but my favorite had to be with our investigator Matias;  a man from Pais Vasco, (Las Arenas of all places :)  We had a visit in the church in front of the pila bautismal. The second he set foot into the sacrament room he said, “I feel the paz.” And he said he felt the same thing in front of the pila. He is really good at recognizing the paz in his life that has come from the Book of Mormon, his prayers, and listening to us teach him the gospel. The last hurdle is church because of his job but now that we are going at 10:00 a.m. he will be able to come. He said to us ¨me verán aquí¨ It was such a miracle!!! It has to be a Cornelius experience for sure; a man with a good job, home, car, and a future Melchezedik Priesthood holder. The stake is coming!!  He has got to come to church!! We are praying so hard that he can get Sunday mornings off; it is literally the last thing stopping him.

Then we have another Spanish guy that we found named Antonio who wants to get baptized on the 14th as well, and he came to church and loved it.  So we have some good things going already this month, we just got to add to it!! But we are really trying to get these three baptisms and a fourth before it is all said and done.

Love you all!!! 

Elder Farah

Monday, May 19, 2014

Elder Farah Goes Fishing!

A Great Week!

Well this week was actually really great!! We some huge miracles throughout the week and the Lord just kept blessing us with tender mercies!! A few of Teh people we had found in the street finally let us in this week and we taught a lot, which is always good.  And one of our investigators on the second visit had these pastry treats for us and served us like she was a member!! She couldn’t come to church this past week, but we are really excited to go back on Tuesday to teach her.  But we still can’t get people to church!!! Ha ha we only had one on Sunday, it is killing us!! Somehow we need to get these children to the Lord’s house.  But I think when we start going at 10:00 in the morning in 2 weeks instead of 4:00 in the afternoon that will help a lot.  

One of the major miracles we saw was with a man named Matias. We found him a few weeks ago from a MA family. Long story short he is incredible, is from Pais Vasco (up north in Spain), has a really good job, and can be an amazing leader in the church. When we started teaching him he said that Sundays would be impossible because of work. But the last 2 visits we had with him he said he has been talking with his boss and when we start going at 10 in the morning he could possibly come and he really wants to, to be able to be baptized!! The Lord really works miracles when we put our faith in him. And we need him in the church so bad!! He would be a Melchizedek priesthood holder and which is what we need here in the islands to form a stake.  I would do anything to get him baptized, he is so great! So we are praying hard for him.

Other than that things are great, my new comp is a champ.  He is from Orem and we met a while back in the mission and are super tight now.  We are quite the companionship....ha ha; always doing something goofy but we are seeing so many miracles.  Just gotta keep it going this week!!

I think that is about all, the changes in the zone were really good and we had a good week last week and we are excited for the new transfer.  Love you all!!

Elder Farah

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mothers Day

Well hope all them Moms out there had a great Mothers Day!! It was good to call home for the last time but weird that I will see you guys in 6 weeks!! Time has really flown by and I can't believe that I am in my last transfer.  Good thing is that I will be staying in Palma as Zone leader. I just didn't want to have to pack up my bags for six weeks and go to a different area ha ha. It will be a lot of fun and I am sure it will fly by, I feel like I just got to Palma but i have been here for almost 5 months already, so crazy!

My miracle has to be from a simple phone call we made. A little while back we set those 2 fechas with the people from Ukraine. Then the didn't come to church and we lost contact and we were stunned and had no idea what happened. But then we called the mom to find out that she was in the hospital because she just had surgery. She gave us the number of her son and told us to call him. We called him and I don't think there was anyone happier that we called just to say hi and see how he was doing. He was so grateful that somebody actually cared for him and told us thank you so much. And now we are going to try and go to the hospital with him to visit his mom. Hopefully they can feel our love and the love of God when we go. Gotta love the simple acts of service!!! You never know what could happen!!

This morning a member took us to go fishing, it was way fun!! We caught a bunch of little fish...nothing too big. We are going to fry them up later today and see how they taste.  But we loved it, the pros of being on a island in the Mediterranean Sea. I am one lucky kid! That is about all that happened really this week, just ready to be done with transfers and go hard until the end!! Fast hard finish baby!!

Con cariño,

Elder Farah

No More Suits!!!

The big news of the week is that we were able to take off our suits finally and work in short sleeve shorts!!! It feels so nice!! Ha ha, but really that isn't the big news but we are really enjoying Palma weather for now, but I am sure the blistering heat will come and make us all sweat pretty soon. It just gets us all a little more pumped to go out and do the work on a bright sunny day with short sleeved shirts on, pretty funny how the sun can influence your day like that.

This week was pretty good, as a zone we have 5 baptisms next week and they are looking pretty solid and we will be traveling quite a bit to get the interviews and intercombios done before transfers next week.  I really hope that I stay my last transfer here in Palma!!! We also had a branch activity on Thursday that was a huge success. We did a huge BBQ and played sports and games all morning.  We had lots of investigators there and we were in chanrge of the games.  We taught them how to play dodgeball and it was a hit, they loved ourAmerican game!! Then we got water balloons and started wrecking everyone, it was fun.  But the most important part was the investigators and the less actives that were there, and it was a good turnout. Except that we all got fried under the sun and that shirt collar and tie sure hurt the next day...but now I got a nice tan :)

As far as the work goes we just can't get people to church lately!!! Ha ha, it is killing us!! Satan is working hard!! But it's all good, we are still going to win and there are plenty of people out there still. The zone enfoque was really good as well, the zone feels better now and we cleared up all our doubts and what not after the conference and told them to press forward!! So life is good on the islands :)

Happy Mothers Day to all on Sunday!!!! My last Skype phone call!!

Elder Farah