Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fightin' the War

Hello family and friends!!!

Well this week we did work again, and taught 30 lessons (more than I have ever taught) and found 10 new investigators, so we improved from the last week. But none of it matters until they get in the water!!! We have been trying really hard to get this branch excited again with the investigators who come to church and the work we are doing.  The Lord wants his work done through the members, so we will see what we can do to get them excited.
Our family of six thought the 17th was too soon...but they are still very focused on baptism and we taught the word of wisdom and chastity the last week and they accepted them both so that made us happy. We just need to teach them tithing and then they are ready!! They are so good, they just expressed to us that they don’t feel ready.  So we are going to finish the lessons then just hit them with the spirit and help them understand that they are already ready. I just can’t wait till this happens!!

And apart from that we have 3 other fehcas.  One is a 9 year old boy from a less active family, we just had to light the fire underneath his dad to baptize his child and get back in church.  So the Lord is blessing us lots and we are progressing and moving the work forward, we just started from nothing and don’t have a lot of help so it is a little slower going.  Not to mention that there is this thing called vacations here in Spain where the month of August everyone goes on 3 week vacations, which is normal. So our branch president and the 1st counselor are gone so it is a little rough but in September things will be good. We just need to have everything prepared!!

I can play connect the dots with all the mosquito bites I have on me....and I feel like I am thinning in my hair in the front....thanks to Spain!!! But don’t worry I still love this country with all my heart :) 

Ok I love you all. Somebody eat Cafe Rio for me.


Elder Farah

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