Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Las Arenas is Making a Comeback!!

So we had 10 people in church again (huge miracle) and got over 20 lessons, the branch is finally getting excited again I think! For the first time in over a month the whole presidency and all of our priesthood leaders were there and back from vacations. So they we so stoked to see so many new faces. We had 55 in church, including the 10 investigators and so the members really felt a difference!! 

But the biggest miracle for me had to be this lady that contacted us in the street with her 9 year old son. She stopped us because she figured we were from some kind of church with the way we were dressed. Then we met with her the next day and she said that she just wanted more peace and tranquility in her life and good moral support from good people. I was shocked and I told her that is all we have to offer, and that the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring us this peace. And then her and her 9 year old son came to church yesterday. She can’t wait for us to go see her again this week. We have high hopes for her and I really want to help her have this peace through Jesus Christ and baptism. It was a huge miracle; I have never had that happen to me before. And it came during a time were we had just received bad news from a lot of people and a few fecahs dropped and we were walking home to eat lunch when she stopped us. It was a tender mercy from the Lord for sure!!

We also set another fecha with a lady from Costa Rica yesterday.  So we are looking at 3 apart from our Peruvian family, plus this lady and her son which would make 5. That would be a dream to get this ward these 5 baptisms for the branch that desperately needs them!!! And with our family of 6, the mom and girl just got work internal which means they eat sleep and do everything in work taking care of an old person. They are doing that for a month and the family I don’t think wants to get baptized without all of them. But then we thought, we should talk to the dad and baptize him so that way he can receive the priesthood and baptize his whole family in a few weeks!! So we are going to take that route. Wish us luck!! We are putting people in church, finding, and teaching. Now we need to carry them to the waters of baptism.  

Hope all is well and that everyone is loving school ha ha!!

Elder Farah

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