Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Fear not for the enemy deride. Courage for the Lord is on our side!"

Hello family!!

Ok concilio was really good for us, our whole mission leadership was super confused ha ha but we are all good now.  President told us not to “get ahead of the brethren” and not assume anything. He told us to keep talking to people because they are approved methods of finding and just try to talk to people as nice as possible.  The whole point of that concilio was just for him to tell us that we really are doing a great job and that we shouldn’t feel bad for anything and we will just make adjustments and that is all.  He is such an incredible man and you can feel the Pace’s love so much for us. He felt so bad that some of his missionaries felt bad and were shaken up and what not. He really helped us out a lot. And now all is well!! He shared with us the video of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing “Let Us All Press On.” We all felt the spirit so strong!! I love him so much.  We just talked about our ideas of the conference and picked a few to focus on in zone enfoque and then in later trainings he will take care of the rest.  So really overall everything is fine and we learned a lot from the conference. Elder Evans just wants us to have the most success possible with the best outcomes aka recent converts in the temple thanks to the members. So all is well in Zion!! (España)

Our miracle form the week was with our friend of the church Edgar. He wants to get baptized and has had numerous fechas but they always drop because he never comes to church. but on Sunday we went by to pick him up and he was there and changed his clothes and then came to church and his 10 year old cousin came who was baptized about a year ago that doesn’t come as often. So having those two in church was such a miracle and now Edgar can progress towards his baptismal date better.

We are seeing our Spanish investigator today. He said that he wanted to pray and think about it. So we are hoping for a miracle through his prayers!! Because we know God answers.  So if he did it right, God will have told him to obey the commandments so we are crossing our fingers!!!

Now it’s back to the grind, we have zone enfoque tomorrow and hopefully we can build their faith back up.  Then we still have a ton of interocmbios to do...ha ha gotta love it!

Love you all!

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