Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What a Week....

Ok this week was absolutely crazy!!! First off we saw tons of miracles this week, it was pretty ridiculous. The Lord really does just put you through trials and expects you to keep working hard and that is what we did and we got super blessed. The biggest miracle was a Spanish guy who we contacted on the street who is now getting baptized on May 3rd. And he went to the district conference yesterday and loved it. And we need Spanish priesthood holders to build up the church here. We have a visit with him on Tuesday. Miracle!!

On Thursday we had a meeting with the Area Seventy and it was good. He talked all about the Book of Mormon and gave real facts on why it is true. It was really good and we had about 70 people there combined throughout the district. The goal was 100 so we fell short but did pretty decent.

Friday we had interviews with president and he is pleased with our zone and took us all out to lunch!!! It was really fun and the main thing he told me is to build up the new leadership in the zone and to make sure that I am recognized as the priesthood leader out here with my companion.

So all was good up until that point and then I got slammed with a huge fever Friday night and it was probably the worst night to get it because we had 10 elders in our piso for the conference Saturday morning and we had to get up at 6:00 a.m. to get everything figured out. I was running on fumes Saturday morning and just getting worked by the fever ha ha.

We had the conference with Elder Evans. Then I crashed back in my piso Saturday with my fever and had to get up early again Sunday to set up for the big district conference. Since we are not a stake, we had to take care of a lot of things but the conference went good and we enjoyed it. Then I went back home Sunday and am finally better today.

Easter was a crazy one; being sick and having all of these great meetings. But I survived and it is back to the grind this week!! So happy for my brother, watched the video of him opening his call and might have she da tear or two just like he did :)

Love you all!!

Elder Farah

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