Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No More Suits!!!

The big news of the week is that we were able to take off our suits finally and work in short sleeve shorts!!! It feels so nice!! Ha ha, but really that isn't the big news but we are really enjoying Palma weather for now, but I am sure the blistering heat will come and make us all sweat pretty soon. It just gets us all a little more pumped to go out and do the work on a bright sunny day with short sleeved shirts on, pretty funny how the sun can influence your day like that.

This week was pretty good, as a zone we have 5 baptisms next week and they are looking pretty solid and we will be traveling quite a bit to get the interviews and intercombios done before transfers next week.  I really hope that I stay my last transfer here in Palma!!! We also had a branch activity on Thursday that was a huge success. We did a huge BBQ and played sports and games all morning.  We had lots of investigators there and we were in chanrge of the games.  We taught them how to play dodgeball and it was a hit, they loved ourAmerican game!! Then we got water balloons and started wrecking everyone, it was fun.  But the most important part was the investigators and the less actives that were there, and it was a good turnout. Except that we all got fried under the sun and that shirt collar and tie sure hurt the next day...but now I got a nice tan :)

As far as the work goes we just can't get people to church lately!!! Ha ha, it is killing us!! Satan is working hard!! But it's all good, we are still going to win and there are plenty of people out there still. The zone enfoque was really good as well, the zone feels better now and we cleared up all our doubts and what not after the conference and told them to press forward!! So life is good on the islands :)

Happy Mothers Day to all on Sunday!!!! My last Skype phone call!!

Elder Farah

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