Tuesday, June 4, 2013

El Cristo Es!

Hello family and friends!

Well this week has been a crazy one.  We were able to find a new piso that is gorgeous and so now we are just waiting on the office to draw up a contract and then hopefully we can move in this week. We had to bargain with the guy a little, because he had other people looking at it. But in the end I told him to save it for us, and that the church pays everything up front, every last cent, and he did because of that I think ha ha :) 

This week we will be getting transfer calls and I am very interested to know what is going to happen.  I still have to split the area, and the other two elders are coming. And after this transfer I am done training Elder Perkis and we will probably split. So it will be crazy with what is happening! We are receiving 20 elders this transfer or something like that, so it is starting to grow a lot and new missionaries are white washing the area.  But personally I think I will stay here as district leader because I am the one who knows the area the best, and they will split me and Elder Perkis and I will train again. That is my guess, but nobody ever knows!! We will find out this Saturday. 

Other than that, we spent the week knocking a lot of doors and contacting. I have been talking to everybody!! But we haven’t seen much from it yet, ha ha. This week I am going to try and pass by as many members as I can and try to dig out some references.  We are just trying to do all the methods of finding, and I hope that this one works the best!! We have had a few days of knocking for 4 or 5 hours and contacting and that can be kind of rough sometimes!! My companion I think finally got the hang of things and is doing a lot better so we have had more fun and the time goes by faster. I just find it funny to talk to all of these people to see what they say, and some of the things they say are pretty funny, and some of them like my jokes, and others yell at me, ha ha but I just love talking with the people here.

But the highlight of my week had to be the stake conference that we had.  And in Spain, they are a huge deal.  We all went to Valencia, and had the meeting in a huge hotel and resort meeting house thing, it was incredibly nice. An Area seventy was there, Elder Reina, and he spoke.  President and Hermana Pace were there as well.  There were two huge buses to take us from Castellon to Valencia, and it was so fun to ride with the ward in those buses. I just went around talking with them and I just love these people so much, I don’t want to go because I love the ward!! The highlights of my days sometimes are eating with the members during medio dia. They love us and always have such good food; except for one...we ate fried pig skin that still had hair on it....gross!!!

But all is well; transfers will shake up the mission this week. I hope I don’t go. I love you all!!

Elder Farah

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