Monday, June 24, 2013

The Fun is Half Way Over!!

Dear family and friends,

Wow I can’t believe that it has already been a year. I remember crying in the MTC just like it was yesterday and now I am here in Castellon a year out in the mission. I still feel like a brand new missionary sometimes though, it is pretty crazy. This is pretty nuts to think about all the things that have happened and to see how far I have come but at the same time, how fast it has all gone by.  Only one more year left!!

Well this has been a slow week seeing as I have been stuck in the cama for what feels like forever. I have had a fever way bad and been on the toilet way too much...and another Elder in the piso has the same thing so we are both just stuck in bed. And we have watched every church movie that exists on this planet. Believe it or not I wasn’t happy during that time!! I was very frustrated to be sick in bed with a fever because I wanted to be out working with Elder Soumarett and missing church about killed me. I love going to church so much. I couldn’t leave Sunday, Hermana Pace grounded me. I was in Friday afternoon then tried to go out and work Saturday afternoon which now I know was a bad idea because my fever came back that night. So I pray and hope that after today I will be 100 percent better.  Elder Cappellucchi and I mustered up enough strength to come down and email. But my miracle has to be the ward. They showed us so much love and a lot of the members sent us cards and texts telling us to feel better and some made us sopas to eat. And it warmed my heart to feel their love. They truly love us, and that just makes me want to work harder and be more worthy to help this ward out anyway that I can.

But other than that, my Chileno companion and I are working super hard and trying to pick this place back up again; talking with every person, knocking a million doors and visiting all the members.  We got threatened to have the cops called on us like 3 times last week, all by old Spanish men who hate us. Normal. 

And it is a blast to live with 4 again. These 2 elders from Ecuador and Chile are great and we are all learning so much from each other and trying to work hard and blow Castellon up. And now I feel like everyone is in summer...enjoy!!


Elder Farah

My new Address
C/Ronda Mijares 116 1, C
12002 Castellon

P.S. Can’t believe the heat won again...

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