Monday, March 17, 2014

Elder Kearon is Great!!!

So the conference was way great!!! Elder Kearon is just a genuine, loving man who has a funny English accent.  You could really feel his love.  He was cracking jokes and just kept telling us how great of a job we were doing in our missions and to keep pressing forward with faith and hope.  It was so great. His conference wasn’t like a strict training where he just teaches us and grills us on what we need to do better, it was more of a conversation with everyone and he just had suggestions for us to improve, but we all came up with solutions because it was more of a collaborative thing. I really liked it!! And then the concilio with him and the other zone leaders was super great, we just discussed what we learned and he helped us improve.  More than anything he taught us that we are children of God.  He challenged us to get on our knees and really figure that out so that we can teach it to others.  Because we share this Plan of Happiness and it all starts with us being children of God and we need to get God’s children back to him!!! And it is the first point in the first lesson of the restoration; we are all children of God.  So I have been working on that lately.

We got everyone to Bilbao and back safe and sound.  Yeah it was a little crazy but staying in the hotel was fun and we had a free buffet breakfast!!! It’s funny how the mission makes you grateful for the simple things in life...such as a free buffet and I didn’t have to cook for once ha ha.  We almost missed our connecting flight in Barc because the one from Palma to Barc was late, and so we ran to the flight from Barc to Bilbao and barely got there in time, it was funny because the missionaries took up like a fourth of the plane.

My miracle from this week has to be about a man we pulled out of the area book. We were looking at his registro and he had been taught everything and had been to church and everything went well and they even had the interview set up but then something happened and he was never baptized. So we go by his house Saturday and we found him with his wife and 10 year old daughter. And then he came to church yesterday and came with his Book of Mormon, hymn book, and old baptism calendar!! So we are trying to get him baptized this Saturday since he has already been twice and then he can get the priesthood and baptize his family in 2 weeks because they need to go to church still. But such a miracle!!! The area book is full of good things. 

We now have the whole week to work again, and we are going to go hard and get things going.  We have 7 baptisms as a zone and a lot on date for this week. I have no doubt that we are breaking the record!!! Thanks to a 5 week month in March...ha ha love you all!!

Elder Farah

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