Monday, March 24, 2014

We Got 8, Need 3 More

Eating Ice Cream with the Zone on P-Day!

So the zone is sitting at 8, we had some heart-breakers this week.  But we have 3 solid fechas in the zone and 2 more that are up in the air.  We are so close!! Our baptism Samuel has his interview set for Wednesday and he came to church yesterday and looks good, then the other 2 baptisms are 9 year olds from recent converts so they are all set as well.  Then the other elders that we live with have 2 daughters of menos activo parents from Ecuador that I contacted in the street.  I remember stopping them 2 weeks ago.  I had such a strong impression to do it!! So I did it and the mom about freaked out and was so stoked that we were the missionaries because they live about 20 minutes outside of Palma and wanted to come back to church and baptize their 2 daughters that are 16 and 17. The whole family has come to church the last 2 weeks and the daughters should be getting baptized this week if the dad can get work off.  They are so ready and excited to enter the waters of baptism.  Yeah it was really hard to pass them to the other elders because they live in their area because we miss out on the teaching experience of reactivating a whole family with baptisms but rules are rules and the blessings are the same. I am just happy the spirit told me to talk to them and that I did!!!

The miracle I would like to share comes from the pass-by list (passing by people we don’t know) that we have been working on. We already did it with the ward list in our area and turned in a huge list of corrections to the secretary of the branch and they were all so stoked to see the work we had done and that we had worked hard!! So we started doing it with our area book and that has brought so many miracles, in the first place our baptism this week is from that but I already shared that miracle. But we were doing the pass-bys again one night and went to this piso and knocked on the door and asked for a man who we had on our list. A woman from Nicaragua opened the door and said he didn’t live there anymore but I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity not to talk to her. I asked if we could go in and she said yes and we met her husband there as well. They are even married!!!!! So we taught them and have a return visit. The pass-by list works miracles and the Lord blessed us for being diligent and talking to every person in between.

We saw a lot more success this week and found 12 new investigators and set a lot of fechas. It was grinding work building up our area again from being out of it last week but the Lord blessed us big time and now we just need to keep the ball rolling. We want to baptize every week!!! So we just are going to keep being diligent and going hard and talking to everyone.

That is about it.  Transfer calls come this week so our zone will change.  We are also doing intercombios this week with the ayudantes, I will be in Barc working with Elder Perkis, my hijito!! Never worked there.  It is pretty funny I am in the Barc mission but have never even been close to that city, ha ha love you all.

Elder Farah

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