Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rise and Shout!!!

Well first and for most I am super stoked to be in to BYU!!! I have been praying so hard, and the Lord answered my prayers.  I really owe it to the mission; I think that is why I got in!! Man the mission just does everything for me in my life and has changed every aspect of it for the better.  I owe it all to my Heavenly Father, I am so excited!!! 

Well this week we saw a big miracle with a menos activo. We were doing “pass bys” off of a ward list that we have that we made like the ayudantes taught us to do in a conference (Elder Mcdermott is really good with this and taught me a bunch and Elder Perkis, the first missionary I trained is the new assistant to the president now, so happy for him!) and we passed by a house and she wasn’t home. So we had her number and called her right there. She answered and was in shock and said it was a huge miracle. We set a visit for the next day in the church and she came and told us why it was such a miracle. She has been going through hard times and was packing up to move to a different piso when she stumbled across her Book of Mormon. She had the book in her hands about ready to throw it away and get rid of it and in that moment is when we called!!! And she said it was such a miracle. She came to all three hours of church yesterday and called us last night to help her move pisos this morning (we just got finished). But now she is a lot closer to the church and is coming back to activity! Talk about the right phone call at the right time!!! AKA milagro.

My companion is a stud and I love working with him.  He is such a good kid and we are just pushing each other so hard and I come home so dead by the end of the day, but that is how it should be.  The zone is progressing a lot, we had one baptism last week and four lined up for this week in the zone.  On the road to 11!!

Love you all, and I love the mission.  Go Cougars!!

Love Elder Farah

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