Thursday, June 5, 2014


Soooo “E” didn’t get baptized.  We thought he would do it for sure!! On Friday he passed the interview and everything but he is 17 so we needed a signature and his mom lives in New York so he lives with his grandma.  So his grandma wouldn’t sign the paper, but then he talked to his mom and she had no problem with it and then we went over Saturday morning, his gam signed it and he was all ready to go!! And then Satan just had to do his thing...and he got cold feet and called us a few hours later and said no.  Shoot!!! But we are still working with him and hopefully we can get him baptized soon.  He wants me to baptize him so think that we can get him before I go.

“M” came to church!!!!! He is looking good for the 14th and he really is heaven sent to build up the kingdom here.  I am so blessed to be participating in this huge miracle.  Also a man from Barcelona is preparing to be baptized this week and has come to church twice already!!  We taught him the law of chastity and he accepted everything and straight up wants to be baptized!! He is so humble. Tonight we will teach him The Word of Wisdom.!! So hopefully I can see these two Spanish men get baptized before I leave this place.  

And we had 110 people in church this past week, which was huge.  Normally we bounce around 80 but now we go at ten in the morning, which obviously helped ha ha. But what we realized was that the Lord is really blessing us for our efforts with the less actives. The church is making a huge push to get less actives in church and to keep the recent coverts active.  So we are heeding the prophet’s council and Elder Evans as well. On Sunday NINE of the less actives showed up plus our two investigators, we had like 11 people there!! It was a huge miracle.  The work is so going forward out here

Other than that not much, forgot to mention that 2 weeks ago I had my same ingrown toenail taken out again at the doctor.....really hurt. I kept the nail. Now I have two souvenirs!! They almost had to do a little operation to cut the nail at the root so it wouldn’t keep growing back. I told the doctor that I was leaving soon and wouldn’t be walking as much so she didn’t give it to me.  It was a close one! I’m good now :)

As the Ducks would say... FAST. HARD. FINISH.

Love you all!!
Elder Farah

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