Monday, June 16, 2014

Me Queda Una Semana

Ok first things first “M” did not get baptized....something crazy happened at his work and he is one of the head dogs and so he was dealing with the law or something like that all last week. BUT he is all lined up for this weekend!! He knows it is my last week and he said, “Satan can push my baptism back one week but not two.”  So I am just praying my guts out for him and “E” came to church and he might be baptized as well.  I really hope that I can get these two baptized.  On top of that we had an incredible week. We had seven investigators in church and taught 31 lessons. Our area is exploding and we had the best week out of any companionship in the entire mission. And now I have to leave it all behind, funny how things work!! I feel like I just got the hang of this missionary thing! Ha ha!

Well this is my last week in my area and then I fly to Barcelona on Monday to have my last interview, do some paper work, and we get Tuesday morning to see Barcelona a bit, then Tuesday night is the dinner and I fly out Wednesday morning.  I am not sure if I will email next week.  

But all I can say is that I cannot be more grateful for this opportunity that I had to serve.  I would never trade it for anything.  I really can’t believe it is all coming to an end. I remember my first day in Zaragoza like it was yesterday and how scared I was in the MTC. I can’t thank my Heavenly Father enough for the blessings he has given me and the success he has let me see on my mission.  I hope I did all that I could for him, and that I served a good mission.  I fought a good fight, and I will dearly, dearly miss preaching the gospel to my brothers and sisters out here in Spain and waking up every morning as a missionary.  I have never been happier.  It is the hardest thing that I have ever loved to do.  I have wanted to quit, I have never felt so heart-broken when somebody rejects the gospel, but know that it is all worth it.  I am so grateful for the mission to help me understand how much God loves me and how much Christ suffered for us.

I testify that the work is being hastened all over the world and especially here in Europe.  I know that there are more people prepared to hear the gospel, but with that I know there is more opposition.  But I know that the Lord is on our side and that we have every promise to make it back with God again as long as we keep the commandments.  I know that this is the only true church of Christ and that the prophet Joseph Smith restored it.  I know The Book of Mormon is 100% true and with that, we have all the evidence we need to know that this is the restored gospel.  I know we have a living prophet today, in Thomas S. Monson who leads and guides us.  I also know that he has 12 apostles.  I know that this is God’s work, and we are his children.  I know that I am a child of God and that he loves me.  I know that families are together forever and that God is waiting for us with open arms to return to him.  And it is all possible thanks to His son and our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. I am not perfect at all, I mess up a lot, but Christ made it so that I can repent daily and be clean.  I know his atonement is real. 

I hope that my Father in Heaven knows how full of gratitude my heart is. Also I am thankful for all of your support over the last two years, couldn’t have made it through without it.   

¨Fear not for the enemy deride, courage for the Lord is on our side¨


Elder Farah   

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