Monday, June 9, 2014

Win The Day

What another crazy week. We have been seeing a ton of miracles, but we can’t quite seem to close the deal with our baptisms.  “A” fell off the face of the earth and we don’t know what happened to him.  We met with him on Wednesday and everything was good and he was stoked to be baptized and then since Wednesday we haven’t heard a thing from him since...he just flat out disappeared!!! So we were pretty bummed that 2 weeks in a row our baptisms just didn’t happen BUT we have “M” this week who is going down!! He came to church for all 3 hours and loved it as always and was telling people that he is getting baptized.  I have never seen somebody so prepared in my entire life.  I think I have worked my whole 2 years to see this happen and to be able to participate in this miracle from beginning to end!! So everything is going well for him....We are praying super hard!!

Wow we saw a lot of miracles this week. And all we really have been doing is trying to apply what we have learned in concilio and specialized training and really use the pass by plan and work with every MA CR and member we know and the Lord blessed us with miracles for putting our trust in our leaders and prophet. The biggest miracle came with a pass by from the pass by plan. We simply passed by a women from the area book but she wasn’t home so we called her on the spot and set up a visit for that afternoon. We went, taught her, and set a fecha and then invited her to come to church. We went and picked her up and she LOVED church. She stayed all 3 hours and was in awe the whole time. Then after she sent us a text saying, “thank you for that opportunity to go to church. It has been a stupendous experience.” It was incredible!! And now we are going back Wednesday and hopefully she will have real animo to get baptized. What a great church experience she had!!  So that was pretty neat to see her get taken in by the members.  We found a lot this week.

Other than that life is good out here, except it is super-hot and humid!!! But it is giving us all nice tans.  On Sunday I turned on the AC in the sacrament room because nobody knows how to work it since it is in English and apparently I froze all the sisters....they come in dresses and t shirts and we go in black suits. somebody’s gotta lose!! Ha ha, the sisters were giving me a hard time after, it was pretty funny.

Perseverar hasta el fin!! 

Elder Farah

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