Thursday, July 26, 2012

Learning to Listen to the Spirit

Hello family and friends!!
So first off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!! If anyone sees or talks to her, tell her happy birthday. She is just a baby and just turned 19. What a late bloomer!! Ha  ha.

And secondly, friends you aren't very good at writing or you sent me some letters to Spain and as you all know I didn’t quite make it there. The letters probably won’t make it here to Provo because the post office takes forever to forward stuff. So please send me some letters friends!! In Provo!! I would love to hear how things are going.

Thirdly, Aunt Sue sorry I don’t have your email in front of me; I forgot my address book in the room. But thank you for the wedding invitation! It’s good to know I am still in the loop :) and thanks for the dear elder! It sounds like everyone is super busy but in the best of ways. And yes, I have worked my tail off to learn Spanish and I still have a long LONG ways to go. But the spirit is helping me more then I will ever know.

Ok favorite experience for the week. At the MTC you teach investigators everyday in Spanish. (No they aren’t real, people role play for us. The Lord has commanded us to learn through role playing and it seems very real). So me and my comp Elder Roney had prepared a lesson on repentance for our investigator. We prepared really really hard and had confidence going into the lesson. But we did not say a single word on repentance. Carlos (our investigator) wanted to know that Joseph Smith was really a prophet and really saw Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. So we asked him to pray right then and there with us to know if he was a prophet. When we asked him that we probably sat in silence for 30 seconds. You could feel the spirit so strong!! He finally said ok and prayed. It was so powerful. Then we again sat in silence after the prayer to let the spirit do its work. It was the best lesson we had ever given and I had never felt the spirit so strongly in our lessons.

The point I am trying to make is we prepared very hard to teach on repentance, and studied Spanish for repentance but we didn’t say a word about that, the spirit guided us to do other things and answer his questions. And our Spanish was great, even though we were not prepared for that, we were prepared to teach. It just showed me that if we put in the work and try our best, we will be guided by the Holy Spirit. The spirit guided us and it was the best lesson we had given and we spoke great Spanish. Thanks to the Holy Ghost. Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain it.

So ya, other than that, just another week in boot camp here. I only have about 3 and a half weeks left!! I can’t wait to get out of here and experience life again and be in the real world. Even though it will be scary, I have become a robot in here doing the same thing day after day ha ha. And for those who would always make fun of my OCD cleanliness go read D&C 42:41 :) I was just following what the Lord tells us to do!

Ok I love you all and hope to hear from some of you sometime soon before I leave Provo! Write me or use dear elder.


Elder Farah

p.s. my health is totally fine now, and I am back to normal.

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