Friday, August 3, 2012

Only Two and a Half Weeks Left!

Hello world!!

Only two and a half weeks left!! I want to leave so bad, but at the same time I still have so much to learn. And I know the field will be a thousand times harder but I still want to go.  This work is 100% real, and that can be a scary though sometimes.  It is my job to go and save souls.  It is my job to build eternal families by planting gospel seeds.  That didn’t really hit me till last week.  But being a missionary is so important! I really do want to help people so much and save their lives. Eternal salvation is on the line here! And it is not cheap.  So sometimes I stress about learning Spanish, but I know I am being helped out a lot.

There was an older district that left last week and one elder shared a quote in his testimony “the Lord could use chickens to preach the gospel." At first I was thinking ok that is a weird thing to share but then I thought some more.  The Lord also has us serve missions for ourselves.  Are we going to be the same person that we were when we left after this is all said and done? Or are we going to change and become such a better person that after the mission is over we have been changed for the best.  On the flip side I am also serving a mission for myself.  If the Lord really wanted to he could use chickens or just come preach the gospel himself, but he gives some snot nose 19 year old kid the OPPORTUNITY & PRIVELAGE to serve a mission.  I know that the after mish life is a long ways away, but I can start changing now to become a better person. And that will help me be a better missionary out in the field.

So my favorite experience this week.  I have a lot here in the MTC since the spirit is so strong all the time.  We were at our Sunday fireside and we were in the middle of singing “If I Could Hie to Kolob” as one of our prelude hymns till it starts.  I can now say that is also one of my favorite songs, along with “Consider the Lilies” and “We'll Bring the World his Truth.”  Anyway we were singing that song together as hundreds of missionaries and every missionary sings with such power.  Whenever I am touched by the spirit I get chills, so in the middle of that song I started to get chills, and the second I started to get chills our MTC president walked in with his wife and counselors.  And for some reason this time when they walked in, I could do nothing but smile and have tears well up in my eyes.  The president always walks in 5 minutes before the meeting starts in the middle of our prelude hymns and I’m always glad to see him.  But this time was just different.  I don’t know why, but I felt the spirit that much stronger when we walked in and when we were singing “If You Could Hie to Kolob.”  I know that our MTC president has also been called of God and I love him so much.  I know that the leaders of this church and hand - picked by the Lord.  I have been able to speak with President Brown a few times here and I love that man.  What an example we have here in the MTC as our president.  I know never to take church leaders for granted; they are all selected by the lord himself.

Anyway I hope all the wedding planning is going good for my two lovely cousins! I would kill to have some family to write or some cousins to write sometime....even though I know everyone is busy ha ha.  I would still love to hear from my friends too!!

I hope all is well, I pray for all of you everyday

Love,  Elder Farah

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