Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Elder Farah has arrived in Spain!

So I am officially in Spain safe and sound at the Madrid MTC. We are no going on almost 28 hours of no sleep, besides the two hours I kind of got on the plane. They are having us stay awake just until after dinner, then we can go to bed at like 7 and get a lot of sleep. Good news, President Pace called the MTC president here and President Pace wants me in Barcelona now. It will be 11 more days before I can fill out residency paper and he said that was too long so they are putting me on a train tomorrow morning to Barcelona. I love President Pace. So I will go to my mission for about a week, then come back to do my papers, then go back to my mission.

This has been so crazy! I am excited but super scared at the same time. It is crazy here and I just need to pray my little heart out to understand enough Spanish. I am scared out of my mind but oh well. Just have to get in there and do it. They are giving me some time right now to email you guys and let you know I am alive and will be going to my mission tomorrow. Spain is 8 hours ahead of Utah. They said it takes about a week to send mail, and the stamps cost 82 cents each for international - so about 2 week trips for letters - so stay on top of them please! And I might break the bank on buying stamps...oh man this is going to be crazy.

I have an amazing mission call, but at the same time it is going to be a lot of work. I am in a foreign country where I know absolutely nothing. I just need time to adjust and start to know what I am doing and learn Spanish more so I can actually converse with people. This is going to be so hard. Never have I had to rely more on the Lord then I do now. Pray for the Spanish!! And for me. I guess that is all I have to say for now, I am trying to keep my spirits as high as possible and not doubt myself!! Hopefully Monday is my p-day, which it should be and I can hear back from you. I knew I was going to miss the MTC because the spirit is so strong. I have to go create my own spirit now. Wish me luck!! I love you all and thank you so much for the support. Believe in Christ. I know I can do this no matter how hard it is, the Lord is on my side.


Elder Farah

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