Monday, August 27, 2012


Ok, so this place is so insane!! I don’t have a lot of time to email so I will try to cover everything. My first area is Zaragoza. It is amazing and so beautiful but we are white washing the area so it has been really hard these first couple of days because we hardly know anything and don’t know the area at all, especially me. So it is a lot of hard work but I love it!! Do work. That is all we ever say.

My companion is Elder Tirado. He went to high school at Riverton. He is a stud and an amazing missionary. He has been out for about 14 months now and is the district leader, so that is really neat to be able to help him. The only problem is he already knew Spanish before the mission so whenever I asked him a question about grammar or something he doesn’t know why. But we are working so hard, we have a ton of appointments this week so hopefully they all don’t fall through.

Spain is really hot and humid, and there is no AC especially in our tiny apartment, it is small and there are 4 of us in it. So get this mom, Elder Brayden Spencer is in my apartment with me (Sister Becerra’s nephew in our ward) and dad, Elder Roberts is my zone leader and I have talked to him and get to meet him tomorrow at our zone conference!! The Lord has blessed me in so many ways by keeping people I know along my side. It is truly amazing how things work. So yeah we pretty much just sweat all day, and sleep with fans all night. I am already losing weight!! But I am starting to get use to it.

Crazy thing I ate this week pata de hamon. It is meat sliced off of a pig leg put on a sandwich. It was really good! And we were eating at this member’s house and they had this drink that was different to say the least, and we all just had to chug it down. It was pretty funny. They eat mostly bread, rice and meat here with crazy drinks. Every apartment is really small and hot. And we really only have 2 meals a day; breakfast, then a big meal at 2:00p.m. And then we work through dinner and eat like cereal when we get home. I am still getting used to that. We walk everyway and take the bus.

So about my Spanish...I have been getting torn to pieces by the people here about my Spanish, some people are joking and some don’t. I tried so hard to focus on what they are saying. That is my number 1 problem, just trying to understand what they are saying, which I normally don’t so I can’t say much. But I teach ok, testify and pray. That is about all for now. It is really tough because this area was kind of dead when we got here so we are going to make it come alive. Everyone says I need to give my Spanish time and this is definitely normal. They are saying I will need about 2 months before I start to get it. But 2 months is way too long. I need to start helping people now!!!! There is so much work to do and I want to be able to help my companion out and the people here as much as I can. And I did get called up during church to explain who I was and bear my testimony. That was scary but I did it.

The people are crazy here, we get shut down all the time and my companion and I always get told how handsome we are and how big we are. We are both like 6´2 and so we are giants here. We just try and preach the gospel and that is about it. I love the people here at the same time and want to help them. People from all over the world are here. There area a lot of black people so we teach in English sometimes. I can do those for now!

Ok my miracle for the week. On Friday all of our appointments had fallen through, we tried going to members houses and nobody was home. So we sat down on a curb and tried to figure out what to do. We didn’t know the area and didn’t know where to go to start contacting. So I decided that we should pray. So I offered up a prayer to help us find someone in need. Long story short we somehow ended up at an apartment door that was open so we knocked and met a guy who was less active for 6 years and had a wife and kid. We gave him a Book of Mormon and are seeing him tomorrow. We hope to reactivate him and baptize his family. The Lord answers prayers and works miracles especially out in the mission.

Ok well pray for the Spanish!! I am trying to keep my faith and try my best. I have never prayed so hard and relied so much on the Lord in my life. But I know that is what he wants. But pray for the gift of tongues!! So I can start helping the people of Spain more. Alright here goes another week.

Elder Farah

p.s. President Pace and his wife are 2 of the greatest people alive. I know they are my presidents for a reason.

p.p.s. Elder Moser I love you so much!!! Work hard for your language

p.p.p.s. Elder Gruber, my shoes are already destroyed. How is your French?

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