Monday, September 17, 2012

Crazy Week As Always

Well here we are again on Preparation Day!!!

Alright. So we set three more baptism dates this week, one for the 29th and two for October 6th. We are being so blessed out here in Zaragoza with miracles! It is incredible but at the same time we are working so, so hard out here. My trainer has taught me how to work as hard as possible and it is paying off big time. I am always tired and sometimes we barely have time for lunch but it is so worth it. So again it was made known that I was the fat elder out of the group. We were eating at a member’s home yesterday and she said I looked like I could eat the most and gave me a ton of food, and I had to choke down like half of it to finish. So I asked her, “Do I look like I am the fattest here??”  And she said, “No, just the biggest.” We all started laughing ha ha it was funny.

And I was able to baptize my first person!! It wasn’t our investigator or anything, it was the sisters’. But they asked me to baptize this woman. Her name was Happiness. Cool huh? And I was sitting next to her before the baptism and she looked so happy and was telling me how great she felt. After I had baptized her and was changing I just thought to myself what an amazing opportunity it was that I just had; to bring one of the Lord’s children back to him. And I get to do that for 2 years!! It is great. We just have to work really hard to get to that point.

Ok my humbling experience for the week, all I do is get humbled out here. After the baptism we had a lesson with our baptism date for the 22nd, which is on the 29th because her husband is out of town that weekend. Anyway after the baptism we had limited time to get all the way to her house on time. So we are just sprinting and running as fast as we can to get there. We took like 3 different buses, and ran to her house so by the time I got there I was sweating so bad in my suit while carrying my wet clothes and backpack. We saw that their bikes were outside so I thought, good they are home. We rang the bell to get into the apartment, no answer, call her phone, no answer. Then someone came out of her apartment and we just walked in and walked up to her floor. I get up there and I could hear that they were home. I rang the doorbell, nobody came. I tried calling her phone again but this time it was turned off. So then I called her husband’s phone, and as I did we could hear it ringing on the other side of the door. He picks it up and tries to tell me him and his wife aren’t home. How dumb does he think I am? I was so mad but I just bit my tongue and said we will see you at church tomorrow.

I was just fuming on the way home. This is her salvation and they just lied straight to my face. We had broken our backs and jumped through hoops to get out there, and they just flat out lied to us. But as I was on the bus mad, the Spirit humbled me. And the thought that came into my head was about Jesus Christ and what he did for us. Christ suffered and died for us and I don’t think we have any idea what he went through or the pain he felt. He did all that for us, and we sometimes choose to ignore what he did and do unrighteous things. That is how I felt, I am doing everything for these peoples salvation, and they ignore it. But that is exactly what Christ did for us. We can’t even begin to comprehend the pain he went through because he loves us more then we will ever know. Whenever I think my mission is hard, I have no room to talk. We will never even come close to feeling or knowing what Jesus did for us. The Atonement is real, and I know that now more than I ever have before.

So that just made me want to be a better person, and I was humbled by that night. Just know I love you all and this work is real, it is truly amazing. Miracles are real and the Lord’s hand is in everything we do and this is his work.


Elder Farah

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