Monday, September 10, 2012


So this week was a crazy typical mission week. A bird pooped on my shirt while I was walking, our bus crashed into a truck while we were on it (don’t worry I am fine, it just startled us), we were teaching a lady on a bench and my companion got hit in the head with some dough from someone standing in a piso above, not many people like us. We ran after probably every bus to catch it too. And since I am the fat kid in my piso I sat down on my bed one night and popped the frame out of place and just hit the floor. It was so funny. We fixed it, but it was just funny.

A Muslim started to Bible bash with us in a park and tried to tell us that it was impossible for Mary to have a virgin birth with Christ so he does not believe he is the Son of God. I just felt bad for him that he felt that way, and didn’t believe about Christ. So he just went off and me and my companion didn’t want to hear this so this is what I did; just absolutely silenced him. I remember Dano and Adam Lee telling me to do this if this happened to me. I just cut him off in what he was saying and bore my testimony with as much power and conviction as I could. Then we just stood there in front of him and he was silent. I gave him a pass along card and said if he needed any service to call us and we walked off. After I bore my testimony, we didn’t hear another word out of him. The power of Christ is so real, and the power of a testimony is more powerful then I have ever realized on a mission. I bear my testimony probably like 30 or 40 times a day. It is incredible what the spirit and power of God can do.

So my real big news...drum roll please...I set my first baptismal date!!!!!!! I was so excited. I still am. We had to work hard to teach her and convince her, she didn’t commit after the first lesson. But we went and taught her again the Plan of Salvation and that is what did it for her I think. After we explained the Celestial Kingdom and how she could be there forever with God, Christ and her family she accepted it. So she is set for the 22nd. But in order to be baptized here you have to come to church twice. So thankfully she came yesterday so we didn’t have to move it. I will always remember my first baptism so I am very excited. It was my miracle for the week.

We are working with a mountain of less actives as my branch president would call it. Not a whole lot of investigators, but lots of less actives. I didn’t realize that we would do that as much as we do. We haven’t taught a whole lot after lesson 2, since the area was white washed we are still looking for investigators, and with less actives we teach things that they need. We do have one investigator that all she is waiting for is an answer from God to be baptized. She even came to church yesterday, 20 minutes late, but she came. It was a miracle she did. So we are meeting with her tonight so hopefully church did it for her. And I had the idea to fast for her on Saturday to receive an answer so I hope she does.

Well I think that is all I have time for now; the language is the same, slowly but surely every day. Our mission goal for baptisms this year is 600. We are around 350 right now so please pray for the Barcelona Mission to achieve this goal. DO WORK!!!

I love you all and would love to hear from you :)

Love, Elder Farah

P.S. I am going on my first companion exchange tonight. Very excited.

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