Monday, January 14, 2013

Hukuna Matata

Buanas Dias el pais de america!  

Well, this week got freezing. The wind really kicked up and it has been super cold the last few days. So we have been layering up to try and to stay warm. I am so glad that we have our new piso with heaters and warm hot water. And now that all the holidays are finally over, we can work without any interruptions. Elder Pearson and I have been working so hard and I come home so dead every single night, we are trying to really get this place going again. We don’t have a whole lot right now; we have a lot of potential people that we are trying to get in with now that the holidays are over. But I am still so happy, it is crazy. Every day so many doors get slammed in our face, but we just keep smile on our faces and keep going.

It is funny the questions we ask people when they are slamming the doors in our faces such as what type of advice do you have for 2 young kids or where is the closet person who believes in Christ? Ha ha. I felt like I started to go through the motions a little bit, so I prayed for help to really realize how important my calling is. And my prayers were answered!! I am so happy doing the work, and get excited to go out and work every day! Prayer really is so powerful, I love it so much!! All we have to do is ask and the Lord will bless us. If we ask with faith and with a sincere heart, he will bless us. Prayer is so powerful and I am so grateful that we have it in our lives and that we can talk with our Heavenly Father. 

Mercedes, our recent convert, left for Peru today and we are so sad!! We had one last visit with her before she left and she just told us how we reminded her of her kids and how we are everything that she wants her kids to be. And how happy she was that we found her and how she has felt such peace every since we started visiting her. She just told us how we were always so happy and always inviting the spirit into her home. She is so amazing and we were sad to see her go. She will be a great member in Peru. 

Well, we have started attacking the goal of 1000. Wish us luck, lots of work to do!! We have interviews with President Pace this week and I am so excited to see him. I love being here, even though this country is absolutely nuts and I see crazy things every day. What an adventure this is.

Love you all!!

Elder Farah

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