Monday, January 28, 2013

I Had Tacos!

Dear family and friends,

I had some legit tacos for the first time in 7 months today!!! I was so happy. This less active person invited us over to eat tacos with her and her husband (who isn’t baptized yet) to eat tacos, Dominica style. So even though it was p-day we said yes to help build our relationship with them to get her back in church and to get him baptized and to eat some good tacos!! I had like 8...they were so good. It is pretty funny the little things I have become grateful for on the mission ha ha. And I think my stomach has grown..I eat way too much now. I ate 15 pieces of pizza the other day as well; no wonder I am gaining weight!!

I am glad to hear the Justin is coaching the church ball team. I give him a shout out for leading us through the years!! They better win stake, just like we always did. That is so crazy that they are all home now, and it is crazy that I have already been out for 7 months!! I feel like I just got here, sometimes ha ha. Transfers are a week from tomorrow so we will be receiving calls on Thursday or Friday. And I am pretty sure I am leaving. But I don’t want to go!! I have grown so close to so many of the members and my companion and Elder Spencer who I was friends with before the mission back in like sophomore year. But I will of course do whatever the Lord has in store for me.

So my favorite miracle came from a door knock!!! We knocked this man’s door over a month ago and never heard anything from him ever again and have tried calling but he never picked up. But then one day we were close to his house and Elder Pearson suggested we go try again and so I thought ok, why not. We knocked on his door and he was there and let us in!! We had just a basic first lesson with him and he really likes what we taught and what we have to say. We have another visit with him tomorrow and have high hopes to put a fecha with him. It was just a miracle that we got in on a door knock. Because ever since President asked us to start knocking more doors, I hadn’t seen success. But now we have a least a little piece of success!!!

Other than that, we worked our butts off this week. We are trying to build this place back and have been going crazy. So we will see what this week brings, hopefully something good!! One thing that is way funny is that we live down the street from a university and there are some American students that are here for a study aboard and they walk by our piso everyday when we are there eating lunch and they always wave at us, especially the girls ha ha it is pretty funny. We just wave back and smile.

Hope all is good back in the states, this church is truly amazing!!! I love you!

Elder Farah

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