Thursday, March 14, 2013

And Another One Goes Down!!

Hello family and friends!! How’s it doing? (I learned that from Elder Biddle) 

Well first off sorry it is Wednesday and I am writing this, but we changed our p-day to today so that we could go to a bull fight as a zone!! We got permission from president so we are really excited, we are going tonight. And the other news, we had zone conference again with President Pace and he announced that we now have an extra half hour to email and we can email whoever we want!! And everyone can email us!! Before it was a gray area to email girls and friends and stuff, but now we can email whoever!! So that was way exciting news for all of us. So we are all excited to write our friends, (and maybe mom and dad longer ha ha).
Well my miracle this week has to be the baptism that we had of Pablo. It was such a sweet experience and a ton of poeple from the ward showed up to support him. There was a musical number by his family and it was such a great spiritual moment. Now everyone knows that he can be sealed in the temple to his wife in a year from now and be sealed to his family. And he will be able to baptize his son this coming June or around there. This was a huge step for him and it was great to be a part of it!! Not to mention that our font that we had to build had so many leaks and holes in it. Good thing the new church is going up!! Ha ha But it was crazy. We built it in the morming and then when we came back 3 hours later before the baptism there was water all ove the floor! So we found the leak, and some member was chewing some gum so we stuck it in the leak!! And then we just mopped during the whole baptism because the water was leaking from this main valve thing. I have had so many problems with water and baptism fonts! But luckly we haven't missed a baptism yet.

So we still have our investigator Cindy for the 23rd and we are trying to find a lot more people. That is always the problem here!! Having a big pool of people to teach!! So we are working really to find these people. But me and Elder Biddle are having a blast, now that he has opened up he is a really funny Elder. And I still love the ward to death here in Castellon. They are the best!!

Alright well it’s time to go eat and go to the bull fight now!!! I love you all, and hope to hear from you soon.


Elder Farah

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