Friday, March 22, 2013

So I have big news...and Happy Birthday Dad!!

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! Otro año mas viejo jaja

So I thought this transfer would come and go and I would remain with Elder Biddle. But oh how I was wrong. I am now training!!! I am now companions with Elder Perkis straight from the MTC. He is from London. And that wasn´t all that they made me do. I am now District leader!! Which means I have to run a District meeting every week, take care of my District and make sure they are all good, and have to do the baptism interviews for the missionaries in my District. That is scary!! I just decide these peoples salvation...I am pretty nervous!! So that is why I haven’t gotten to email for the last couple days, I went up to Barcelona to have some meetings with President and pick up my new companion. I already love him so much; we are going to have so much fun and do work!! He is a spiritual giant, and now I have to teach him everything. From square one. And as all of you know, my trainer, Elder Tirado, has left an impact on me for forever and we are the best of friends and he has changed my mission. I do things the way that he taught me, still to this day!! And now I have to train and teach my child everything!! So I just hope that I can be that missionary for him like Elder Tirado was for me. It will be a lot of work, especially with the language but President has put his faith and trust in me and now I need to show him that I am worthy to have it. My work load just changed! It is funny how the second you get a little too comfortable, things change so that you have to push yourself and rely more on the Lord more. Because that is what he wants, for us to always put our faith and trust in him. Let’s go to work!!

So I guess that would be the biggest news for my mission as of now. How is March madness going?? Ha ha. And our investigator Cindy is still being baptized just not till the 30th because we still haven’t taught her everything quite yet. And apart from that we are going to be finding a lot of people that is for sure!! I need to be the example and contact and talk with everyone!! It was interesting how they picked trainers and trainees. After a lot of praying from President, we all meet in a room and he assigns us one by one. And us missionaries went around and greeted all the new missionaries that had come in. And when I saw Elder Perkis I had a feeling that he was going to be my companion and after he said he felt the same way too. It is crazy how the spirit works!!

And last but now least, happy birthday dad!! (otra vez)


Elder Farah

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