Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

Feliz día de las madres!!!

I hope that all the moms enjoyed themselves on mother’s day, and it was so great to call the family yesterday!! It was so great to see them and I can really feel the blessings that they receive from me serving a mission. I maybe can’t see them but I can feel them and the Lord’s promise really is true, that everything will be fine as long as we serve with our heart mind and strength, and the rest is in his hands and that will never fail!!!

But my miracle has to do with a menos activo again. We finally got in with this lady that I have been trying to visit for weeks. She just randomly showed up to church one day a few months back. Turns out that she was less active for about ten years when she moved here and then randomly one day the Holy Spirit moved her to go back to church so she found it and came back. What a miracle she did it on her own!! And now we are trying to help her learn everything again, and she is married to a Spanish man who we are going to try to work with. She has lots of faith that he will at least listen to us. Working with menos activos works miracles for them and others. And I just pray and hope that I can finally get a Spanish baptism, they are hard to get in with!! But when we have a foot in the door like this it makes things easier. So the grand plan is reactivate this woman who is super strong, have her set the example for her husband, then teach and baptize!! Ha ha so we will see how it goes. 

Well that’s really about it, my family already knows everything about my life again ha ha. But it is such a blessing to have families in our lives, and my companion has such a strong testimony about families and mothers. He always says that they are a little piece of heaven that we have here on the earth. And it is so true!! I am so grateful for my family and my momma :) Happy mother’s day!! 

Elder Farah

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