Monday, May 6, 2013

One More Week!!!

Happy almost Mother’s Day!!

Mother’s Day in Spain was celebrated yesterday, but not too many people celebrated it in the ward because they are all Latinos and celebrate it the next week ha ha.

Alright my miracle from this week would have to be the fecha that we set!! A man named Arturo. He is the most humble sincere man that I have ever met in my entire life. The answer that humbled me the most was when I asked him, “What do you wish from God in your life?” And he told me, “nothing.” And I was a little surprised at first and I said “nothing?” And he said to me "I have lived a great life, with a family, and God has given me this world to live in and I thank him for everything that I have." Now you need to know that this man lives in complete poverty and his piso is really cluttered and poor. But he is the most grateful, humble person that I have ever met. To me, that was incredible. Sometimes I feel like I am the one learning and that the investigators are teaching me!! All I ever do is learn, and it is great. And we will be going down on the 25th!! We are very excited for him and, as always, just trying to look for more people to teach and put in our pool of people.

Another great experience I had was this stake meeting. The stake presidency, all the Bishoprics in the stake, and all their missionaries had a meeting. (There are 6 wards) so we traveled to another city and President Pace was there as well. So our whole zone was there of course.  But the stake president wants to work, and wants us to baptize. He just put the word to us and told us we all need to be united and work together.  This is great to hear and it will help a lot to have more help from the ward and the bishopric.  But it wasn’t just that, it was that I could feel the priesthood power so strong in this room.  Think about it, all missionaries, bishops and their counselors, and the stake presidency.  It was incredible!! There was so much authority and power in that room, and we all left so inspired wanting to do work, and wanting to do work effectively. It was such a great experience.  And so hopefully we get more help from the ward soon!!

Alright well happy mother’s day to all out there; this last Sunday was very sweet with all the testimonies, especially from the youth and YSA about their moms. And it was very touching and just made me think of my mommy. I love you mom!!


Elder Farah

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