Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Two More Elders in Castellon!!

Ok so first of all we are getting two more elders this next transfer!! So we have to move again, and I just got more responsibility. I have to find a piso in less than two weeks and then move us and I have to split the area. President told me to carefully pray and split it. But I am having trouble finding this piso. In Castellon there aren’t a lot of pisos with four rooms and two bathrooms, which is what we need to live for the four of us.  And I hate looking because I feel like I am wasting time but we have to do it. I hope we find one soon because transfers are in two weeks!! And I might be going, but with these elders coming in I might be staying. I have no idea.

But the miracle that we saw this week was with knocking doors. We found a menos activo knocking doors, which was a miracle in and of itself.  He has been coming back to church and bringing his 8 year old daughter as well. And so one day we set a visit to go back and when we got there his wife was there ready to listen! She is Spanish and he is from Chile and she was waiting for us to come teach her about Joseph Smith. This menos activo had already explained so much to her. And so we taught her and I am very excited to go back.  She is very receptive and I know that this man would do anything to have his wife and daughter baptized and have his family in the gospel. He wants it so bad and is reactivating very quickly as well after like 15 years. I am praying to baptize his Spanish wife and put his family in the gospel, it will be so great!!

I am excited to have two more elders here in Castellon with us, but watch as soon as I find the psio and everything and split the area they will transfer me ha ha. But I am just following orders from President so we will see!! Transfers are the 11th of June I think.  I don’t want to go; I love the people here so much!! 

Love you all lots and hope all is well.


Elder Farah

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