Monday, July 1, 2013

Que Pasa!!!

Que pasa!!

So it is finally starting to get really hot here in Spain, and we still are going to get a lot more heat.  But that is all part of the adventure!! We just sweat a ton, but no worries.  I was finally able to leave my bed this week on Wednesday; I was stuck in it for like 4 days. I would have done anything to have watched a Disney movie or something ha ha. I was so happy just to be able to leave and work again, I felt so useless in the bed doing nothing.  

But my miracle from this week has to be about the people in Teruel. As you know we go out there with some members of the ward the last Sunday of every month to hold a small sacrament meeting with some members out there, and there is always friends there as well. I just am so astonished by how much faith these people have and how much they love this gospel. Even though the sacrament meeting is held in a house, with 20 people mas o menos, they are so grateful to be able to receive the sacrament and have such incredible faith. What examples they are to me. And maybe sometime soon they will open a small branch out there.

That is really all from the week, we are just working really hard to pick this place up and find new people!! But we saw little miracles here and there this past week and we arelooking forward to working hard this week now that I am not stuck on the toilet....

Happy Fourth of July to America, obviously here that holiday doesn’t exist. But I love this work!! And my opportunity to be here!!

Elder Farah

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