Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Allí estamos

Well this week was full of great stuff and a good mission heartbreaker.  We had to change our preparation day to today because yesterday we had a zone conference with president.  

We had a great weekend of conferences. First we had stake conference as a stake here. It is a lot of work and traveling for these people. We had the meeting at a university and people came from all over the north of Spain, the wards and branches that make us a stake are really spread out here. One thing that hit me that I learned that I really liked was from an Area Seventy that came. He is from Italy and his talk was about taking what we have and giving it to the Lord.  He used the example of the apostles with the fish and the loaves of bread. Jesus said we need to feed all these people and they said we don’t have enough and Jesus said bring me what you have. So that is what they did, and look what Jesus did with it; he multiplied it and fed thousands of people. 

So the point was that we often think of what we don’t have instead of what we really have, and the Lord just wants us to take that to him and he will multiply it and make it better. That slapped me in the face so hard!!! And i loved it!! I don’t have much, but I know I can take it to the Lord and he will make me the person/missionary I need to be from my efforts that are far from perfect. It was so great!!!
Tomas is not getting baptized this Saturday, his family won’t let him. So that crushed us pretty good, he was so ready and excited and you could see the sadness on his face. And on top of that we can never go back but we did what we could.

We did see a miracle, an investigator went to Stake Conference and pretty much said I want to be baptized, and we were like what!?!?! So we have a visit tonight, and we are trying to get him baptized this Saturday, he has been an investigator for a while. Huge miracle!!

Them dang Utes. that’s all I gotta say.

Love you all!!! Spain is great, with these wonderful Spaniards

Elder Farah

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