Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Wet Up Here!

Hello family and friends!!

Well the baptism of our 9 year old went great, and there was a great turnout form the ward. There were so many people there to support this family!! I have never seen this family so happy. And I highly doubt that they are going to be inactive again. Through this kid’s faith and his baptism they are all back in the church again. The whole family shared their testimonies after and it was a very sweet and kind experience. And it was so good for the new missionaries to see a baptism like this and get them excited. I love baptizing!!!

We have just been getting super wet the last few days, when it rains it pours up here in the north and this is just the beginning and it will get so much worse. And I am not excited for it because we do a lot of contacting especially in parks and on benches and that is how we find a lot of people, but when it is raining we hit the doors because obviously nobody will be outside. So I am going to try and start working with the members a lot more now that they are getting excited again and try to work of them during the winter so we can avoid a few doors.

We got 2 sister missionaries this week, so we split the area and I signed another piso contract. Luckily we have a senior couple up here with us so they found the piso and I just had to sign it. So it wasn’t a lot of work for us and now we are just trying to get the Hermanas’ up and running and excited to do the work. One is brand new and the other only has like 7 months. But the branch was excited to have them and welcomed them in with open arms of course ha ha.

This transfer will be busy taking care of my wonderful district between interviews, intercombios, and district meetings but I am very excited and just grateful to serve others. It is just another way to serve! 

And to end of course GO COUGARS!!!!!! What an upset, can’t wait to see what they do during the season.  

Love the Elder in Las Arenas,

Elder Farah

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