Monday, September 2, 2013

Yeah Boy!!!

Well we saw a huge a miracle on Saturday and Sunday.  A mom and her 9 year old son were baptized and those were the first baptisms in over a year in the Las Arenas branch.  We are so blessed!! And we were so excited!!! The mom and boy were so happy and she shared her testimony after the baptism and just simply said thank you for letting me be part of this great family. It was perfect!! And it doesn’t stop there.

My other miracle from the week is with the baptism that we have this week. It is a 9 year old boy from a menos activo family, that as of now I wouldn’t call menos activo. Through this process of the boy preparing to be baptized, they have reactivated and come to church every week for all 3 hours when before it was once a month for an hour.  Now their daughter is filling out mission papers. All this is happening because of the faith of this little 9 year old wanting to be baptized. What a miracle for the whole family!! We just had to light the fire under the dad and mom and now they are doing great!! So we have that baptism this week.
Transfers passed by...and we are staying together!!! We were so shocked!! We thought with all these new missionaries coming we were both toast!! But president left us together so that we could keep working here at the pace we are in Las Arenas. We are so stoked and excited!!! We are going to baptize the world this transfer and not waste a second of this transfer together.
Other exciting news is that my district got even bigger....there are 17 of us in it!!! This transfer is a little weird and the district will probably split next transfer but for now I have 17 members in my many peeps to take care of!! But I am excited; we are going to have fun. 
O.K. hope college football is going good. Hope the cougs pull the upset this week at Texas. Love you all!! Win the day!

Elder Farah

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