Monday, September 16, 2013

Bring on the Rain!!

Hello family and friends!!

Well life is good here in Las Arenas, we are seeing so many miracles and I have been pretty crazy with my huge district that I love. I have been doing a lot of talking and getting to know people, I need to know each one personally! But I love it and they are all great missionaries and it is really fun together. We are super unified these days and we are trying to get a baptism for every new missionary in our district, we have 6 new missionaries to the field!

My miracle from the week has to be the baptism that we are going to have on the 28th. He is a man named tomas and we were teaching him back towards the end of July. Then he left on vacation the whole month of August almost. So we tried calling him for a week straight the first week of September and nothing. Before he left he had a fecha so we wanted to start teaching him to get him baptized!! And then finally one day I called him after I said a prayer that he would answer and sure enough he answered. We visited him and now he will be getting baptized on the 28th. He literally said ¨yo quiero bautizarme´ music to my ears!! It was a huge miracle, and I am very excited for him and he is Spanish!! This will be my first Spanish baptism. I can’t wait for it.

We have built such a good bridge with the branch president and he had us over to eat last week and I respect his authority but at the same time we don’t postpone baptisms for anything!! If someone is ready and passes the interview and completes the commandments, they are ready to be baptized. So we actually had a very nice conversation (me and the branch president) and life is good and I respect him and he respects us. He is 25, we are like best friends! The 28th another soul is back in the kingdom of god!!



Elder Farah

It has been raining a lot more here, welcome to the north!

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