Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Transfers + a Miracle Baptism

Hello world!!

Well I am staying in Las Arenas and will be training once again here, for the third time in my mission.  We head into Barcelona later today; it is like a 7 hour train ride and then I will pick up my new missionary and be home Wednesday or Thursday.  So it will be exciting to see who I get! Maybe I will get an American this time ha ha.

Well do I sure have a miracle for you. Ariel and his baptism was a miracle in of itself because he came to us and said he was ready, all we did was fellowship him and tried to be his best friend and then he finally took the step. But anyway on testimony meeting Sunday he bolted up to the pulpit, the second person up there. And he shared his story a little bit how at first he thought we were just another church and he was going for his girlfriend. Then he said right before he got baptized as he was standing at the top of the font and thought to himself “I have decided to follow Jesus Christ and I plan on being here for such a long time and here I don’t feel alone and I have support and love.” I have never heard a more powerful convert testimony and he even had tears in his eyes. It was such a huge miracle! 

It is just getting a little chilly up here, and a little wet. I think I see a lot of doors in my future ha ha unless I can get these members to help, I think they are starting to come around more. But this was a great weekend, and we have another man named Eduardo super close to the waters of baptism. Gotta love it!

OK well bring on the newbie!

Elder Farah 

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