Monday, October 28, 2013


                       Elder Farah's new companion is Elder Johnson who is in the middle
                                                         on the bottom of the Pyramid.

                                      Elder Farah "talking to Satan" at Zone Conference

Hello all!!!

Ok first of all, Halloween might not exist here at all but we might buy a bag of candy that day to celebrate or something...not sure. There are lots of other random holidays, but none of the American ones!!

But this week we just found a bunch of people, 8 new people. We have been going so hard and just talking with everybody and trying to invite as many people to be baptized and to come to church. Eduardo is so insanely close to being baptized, it is killing me!! I know he will take this step really soon. I can’t wait!! We have developed such a great relationship over the past few weeks and he is such a good man, 28 from Columbia. But other than that, just trying to find.

My companion is great, pretty laid back and always has a good attitude!! My kind a guy!! so it is fun to work with him, training seems to be going a little bit smoother now this time than before, maybe just now that I can speak Spanish a tiny bit better...but training is a lot of fun!! I just want to continue baptizing for the branch. They are a funny bunch here. All 40 or 50 of them that come!! If there is even a little rain outside they refuse to come....ha ha. Oh us Mormons.

Anyway this week we have interviews with president, it is always good to see him.

Rise and shout, win the day.

Elder Farah

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