Monday, October 21, 2013

Let's Go!

Well I got my new missionary!!! This will be the third one I am blessed to train, and my first American!!! He is Bountiful Utah and went to Woodscross High School, and played LAX. So he is a stud LAX player from Utah. My kind a kid!! And he is way nice, and bigger than me. So we are going to have lots of fun and baptize the world up here I hope.

Other than that I was in Barc and traveling a lot this week. It is like a 7 hour train ride from here to Barcelona, most boring thing ever. The first 2 hours are good looking out the window but then after that I am just hungry and wanna get out ha ha. And so we got back late Thursday and just hit the work. It is amazing how being out of your area for like 3 days can really slow down, just constantly have to be working and talking to everyone. 

So my miracle has to be from church. A member brought a friend with her!!! It came out of nowhere and this member is 16, and brought her friend. They said they are coming to a Noche de hogar tonight so we plan on teaching her after that. I am just always so impressed by the jovenes throughout the world, they are always so willing to share the gospel and be good friends. No wonder the jovenes and JAS get baptized, they share the gospel!! But more than anything a member actually did some missionary work up here, great stuff!!

Great to hear about them cougars, and ducks. Onward ever onward boys!!

Love you all,

Elder Farah

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