Monday, November 18, 2013

Jolines - Break Out The Ponchos (That We Can't Have)

I have never tried to love rain and cold so much in my life, and this is just the beginning!!! And we have zero heating in our piso, so it is interesting trying to stay warm, I sure do drink a lot of hot chocolate now (thanks mom). But it is all worth it, and lots of missionaries are getting hit with bad weather. Just in our mission we are getting the worst of it!! Ha ha.

Eduardo will officially be getting baptized this Wednesday. Por fin!!!! I am so stoked, they announced it in church and he came and is all ready to go, I can’t wait. I have been praying my guts out for this one and have never wanted it more than now.

The miracle of knocking doors...We were talking about it one day and we thought that the best way to knock doors is in a mass amount, as quickly as possible to talk to lots of people. And then when someone answers, to try to get in. We knock doors to baptize people, not to get a return visit or a number. So that made me think a little bit. So we knock as many doors as fast as possible and when someone opens we just simply say, “We are missionaries and have a message that will change your life, can we come in?” And we make a motion towards the door, and kind of force ourselves in sometimes (it gets pretty funny) And it is working!!! I have just changed my mindset to thinking that I want to go in that second and invite them to be baptized. And my faith has grown a lot. We found four new investigators this week from knocking, it was such a miracle. And when we get in, there are normally a lot of people sharing the piso!!! Having the faith to knock and think I want to get in to baptize helps a lot. But it has just come from being bold, something I would have never done at the start of my mission. But it still is way tiring and we knock hundreds upon hundreds of doors, but they Lord blesses us for having faith, being bold, and working hard.

Well I think that is all, transfers are this week again already, so who knows if I will stay or go, I have no idea!! So we will find out Saturday. Love you all!!

Elder Farah

The Spanish conquistador

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