Monday, November 11, 2013

Yeah Buddy

A rainy day outing in Bilboa.

So the weather has changed, it is like Oregon on steroids. It is cloudy all day and downpours whenever it feels like it, then sprinkles, then downpours, and then all over again. No wonder this place is so clean, green, and beautiful!!! But we walk out without umbrellas and our rain coats every day. So it is terrible!! But all worth it and it is not too cold yet, until December and January comes around. But I think we get more blessings working in the rain and cold :)

I was reading about the atonement in Preach My Gospel and it said “Everything unfair about life can be made fair through the atonement, “and that hit me so hard. Yes life can be rough, unfair and we have our struggles and especially in the mission but Christ died for me and for everyone and through that one event, life is fair and beautiful. What a miracle that Jesus Christ is our savior and redeemer and just from that one line changed me instantly!! Life isn’t fair, but with Christ and his atonement, it is!! 

Eduardo....huge miracle and probably one of the most powerful lessons I have ever had.  We did a fast with him as part of fast Sunday and he did it for the first time. We fasted for him to have more courage and so that his mom’s heart would be softened. Monday we have the visit. We pray. I ask him how his fast went and this is what he said “It was hard, but I did it, and I told my mom I am going to be baptized and she didn’t get mad and now I am super happy and content that she respects my decision and I want to be baptized” I sat there in shock!!!! FASTING IS TRUE. Before for me it was just a day to go hungry, but now I have been so humbled by the power of the fast. It works miracles. So not this week because of his work, but next week he will be baptized. WOOOOO!O!O!O!O!O!

Jazz are terrible, ducks and cougs lost. Sad day!! But the church is still true.
Love you all!!
Elder Farah

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