Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Well...Life Goes On

So first is first.  Eduardo DID NOT get baptized. Hardest thing I have passed on my mission yet!! Everything was good, we picked out his clothes Monday, tried them on, practiced with him, we picked who wanted to do what for the program and the font was even halfway full until I got a call at 4 o clock on Wednesday, 3 hours before his baptism. He says that he talked to his friend and his friend just told him, if you are going to do it, do it good. And then he said he felt something tell him no. And I tried telling him that it doesn’t matter what anyone says, God has given him his answer plenty of times and has worked so many miracles to clear his path towards baptism and that he can’t deny it. And what God says goes, and we need to do what he says with faith and confidence in him.  I was a little fuerte, but in a loving way because he knows this is true, he just got scared and I have no idea why!! He was so good!!! And so ready and had made up his mind and everything!! But such is life, he says he wants to wait on everything, but we all know how waiting goes. So we will be still, but it sure was a tough pill to swallow.

Then we went to Barc to pick up my comps residency card, and that took forever!! Like 3 days because we are so far away so the week wasn’t that good.  But we just will hit it hard this week and enjoy Thanksgiving in a box from my good mother!!!

My miracle experience came from church on Sunday. It was the primary program. And the spirit they brought was incredible. The songs they sang and little parts they had memorized was such a sweet experience. The spirit was so strong in that meeting from these 9 little kids that were up there. All of the parents were crying and everyone else could so feel the spirit. It was just such a miracle to me that these kids are so pure and can bring the spirit just as well if not better than everyone else!!! We did sing ALL 9 verses of follow the prophet as a rest hymn...it is still stuck in my head...they sang it just to kill time ha ha. 

Well happy turkey day folks, I will be spending it eating with my companion in our freezing piso ha ha love you all!!
Elder Farah

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