Monday, November 4, 2013

Winter is Here

Ok so winter has arrived, and it is like living in Oregon but on steroids.  It rains every day and it is going to get worse I hear.  A little cold, but the real frost will be here in a month I hear. Gotta love being a missionary!!! And so we have had to hit the doors and I forgot how much that just drains you being on your feet from like 6 to  10 but it is all worth it and we have seen some miracles from it. 

We had one of those days last week were we went 0/5 on citas, they all fired and it was raining cats and dogs like pais vasco does all day every day in the winter. So we had been knocking doors for a good 2 to3 hours. N0 success. But the last building we knocked around 9:30 p.m. on the second to last floor, we found a family that we are going to visit tomorrow and they were super excited. Sadly we couldn’t go in because there wasn’t another man. And then we made our way to our piso. It was like 9:50 when we got to the door. The rain had stopped so we had ten minutes to contact on our street. So we did and we got 2 numbers from that!! The point is up until like 9:30 p.m. we had zero success all day, and then we saw the miracles. It just makes me laugh because it is always the last contact or the last building that you see the miracles after working so hard all day and being dead tired. Up till ten we fight the war!!! 

Eduardo is so close. We had interviews with President Pace so he was in Bilbao (about 30 minutes from Las Arenas) and so I called him to have him and his wife come join us in the visit with Eduardo. We killed him with the spirit!! President is incredible and so is his wife, she has learned Spanish while being here. So Eduardo fasted and came to church yesterday and we got a visit with him tonight. crossing them fingers....

Halloween was boring here. Not much goes on. But we ate a candy bar to celebrate. No worries. OK love you all!!! I’ve started to carry around an extra pair of socks in my maletín, they get wet sometimes. 

Elder Farah 

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