Friday, February 14, 2014


Ok so miracles totally exist, I already knew that thanks to my mission, but I love getting a re-confirmation almost every day here in Spain.  But get this...

We were out contacting one morning and Elder Burnett says "Hey lets go try passing by Francisca,¨ (our super old grandma that was supposed to be in the hospital for weeks) and I thought,"well no effort is wasted," even though it had only been one week since we last talked to her and she said she was going to be in the hospital for a few weeks. So we knock her door and her granddaughter-in-law answers and says she isn't home but then we asked her if she left the hospital and she said yes. So we get back on the street and think she couldn't have gone far, she always goes just to the park and the farmacia. So we started looking for her in the street. We go to the park, not there. We start walking in the direction of the farmacia and find her walking with her cane in the street!! This happened Wednesday, we talked to her and she still wanted to be baptized and then she was baptized Saturday!!! and confirmed yesterday. What a miracle!! And the branch stepped up big time in helping her, since she is older. She was so happy and so were all of us.  

It was so crazy that we found her in the street and that she got baptized only one time, the member that did it, did it flawless. It was so great!! All of God's children need to return to him.  

This week we have a two day specialized zone training with President and Hermana Pace.  So we have a ton of things to set up and get the zone ready for this conference and get things set up.  So we have a lot to do today and tomorrow before Wednesday but we are excited to learn from President and Hermana Pace and they are making us teach as well. 

Hope all is well and happy Valentines Day!! my valentine is going to be my companion Elder Burnett, ha ha

Elder Farah

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