Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Las Islas

Well this week was alright, I am very glad to be with my new companion here in Palma and now we can just do work and baptize the world!! Concilio was really good yesterday, it is always so inspiring and you can fell the spirit so strong with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders there. It is always a great meeting

We came out with 7 baptisms as a zone to end February, which isn’t bad; the most the zone has baptized in like a year I think and we were the 3rd highest in the mission.  Before the islands used to be the ¨harder part¨ of the mission but we are trashing that reputation as we speak!! We are seeing so many miracles and the work really is going forward in a great way.  And now in March we have 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays to baptize and confirm.  We gotta get it!!! We should get off to a good start this week with 3 or 4.  Just gotta get to 11!! So we need to put in our part as well and find some people and capitalize on our investigators

I wasn’t in my area hardly at all this past week but we did see one big miracle in it. On Sunday a member came up to me to invite us over to eat with her and teach her husband who is not a member (but they live together so we are working on that). But I remember the first 2 times we went to eat with her it went very slow and went over the hour allotted for eating visits. On Sunday she came up to me and generously asked us over for dinner again. I wanted to say no because I was concerned about staying so long for an eating visit but something made me say yes (maybe because I love the members so much I have a hard time saying no to things). We went there and sure enough things were going slowly...BUT… she had a nonmember friend there named America and so we shared a message with her about the first step of the gospel...BAPTISM. America asked how long it took to get baptized and I told her if she does her part, 2 weeks. She was surprised and really wanted to hear from us. We gave her a Book of Mormon and left and went back the next day. She had read and said she wanted to get baptized and gave us the number of her daughter to teach. QUE MILAGRO!!!! We hardly had done anything but she knew the Lord put us together and in her words she said that she couldn’t deny what 3 jovenes with such pure hearts teach. The only let down was she left for Peru and will be back in a few weeks. She lives with the member and so she will tell us when she gets back. By us trying to be obedient with the eating visits, the Lord blessed us with a miracle and future baptism. 

So that is about it for the week, off to a new start with the month!!! And next week Elder Kearon from the 70, counselor in the Europe area presidency will be giving us training so I can’t wait to learn from him!!! Love you all!!

Elder Farah

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