Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Well transfers are this week and my boy Elder Burnett is leaving and is going to Castellón!!!  I am so jealous and really just want to switch him spots and he can be zone leader and I will go to Castellón and see all the families there.  I wrote down all the people he has to see and say hi to for me, it was a big list!! So jealous.

But my new companion will be Elder Mcdermott.  He went to Alta as well!! But a year younger than me so I never really met him until now. He is coming out of the office after being the president's secretary so now I am training him on being a zone leader. No worries after like one transfer they put me in charge of training a new zone leader and he has like a year in the mission.  Hopefully the zone doesn't fall apart in the next few weeks ha ha.  But I am really excited to be back with the zone leader companion. President has put all the zone leaders back together now and we are just going to do work and baptize the world.

We have six baptisms up to this point in the zone and 4 four on fecha for this week, so we just need to find a miracle and we could get the baptism record of 11!!! We are so close, I can taste it!! President in a leadership meeting this past week in the two day conference invited us to break the record and he said if we do it, food would be involved somehow.  So I gotta get it !! ha ha food plus a record sounds good to me!!

Other that that just fighting the war out here, we had a lot of less active people in church Sunday. President stressed that this past conference in working with them more.  And now we are just trying to baptize and find new people.  But my comp won't get here untl Monday after we are in concilio this Sunday so I will be in a trio all week with my other piso mates and my area might suffer a bit...no worries!!

Valentines Day was boring but we ate lots of chocolate. But who need girls anyway when I can be a missionary fighting against Satan!! So much better.

Love you ALL!!

Elder Farah

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