Monday, October 8, 2012

18 and 19!!!

Down here in the life of the Elder in beautiful Zaragoza....

Conference is the best!! It is like the super bowl for missionaries, for reals.  There is something about being set apart as a missionary that makes you appreciate our church leaders more and how much they really do care about missionary work.  Speaking of which, as the whole world knows, the mission age has changed.  When us missionaries heard that our jaws dropped to the floor and we jumped for joy.  We need more missionaries!!! And I am so happy that the age has changed.  Too many kids go to college for a year and have too much fun.  Or just don’t do anything with their lives.  So I am so glad that worthy young men can go straight out of high school and the sisters can go a lot earlier now too!!  It is incredible.  I  immediately thought about my beloved brother, Josh. And from what I just read form my lovely parents it sounds like he is excited and already wants to go straight out of high school :) What a great blessing and opportunity.  It is amazing kids like him in this rising generation that caused this change. I am so jealous and excited for him!!! Honestly it was a little hard to focus on Elder Cook’s talk after because my mind was going crazy.  But it just reassured me that we truly are in the last dispensation.  Temples are starting to dot the earth, and we have only begun to scratch the surface of missionary work.  This will help explode the missionary work next summer.  We need more elders and sisters in the Lord’s army.  I know that this was direct revelation from God given to President Monson. 

So my favorite experience from the week.  It was during my personal study.  I was reading in Mosiah chapter 18 when I can across verse 16 and it talks about how Alma baptized 203 people in one day in the waters of Mormon.  In our mission, our goal is 600 baptisms by the end of this year.  We have roughly around 377. So that means we need 223 more in these last 3 months between the 100 elders in the mission.  So I turned to Elder Tirado and forcefully broke the silence during our personal study ha ha.  I was like Elder!! I got some revelation!!!  If Alma can baptize 203 people in one day, and God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, then we can for sure baptize 223 in the last 3 months and make our goal! God can help us work this miracle.  So Elder Tirado called our zone leaders to find out how many more we needed and they loved it so much that they sent out a mass text to the zone talking about the revelation that I received and how we need to keep the faith to accomplish this.  Me and Elder Tirado were laughing so hard.  I was just using it as motivation for us and just told my companion, and then it even made it to the top were President Pace mentioned something about that verse in a mass text to all the missionaries.  But in all seriousness, we have the faith to baptize 223 more in these last 3 months and we would love the prayers from all of you reading this. 
In a talk this past conference President Monson talked about the importance of prayer and how that is how we find out the truth of all things and there is no greater happiness then finding out the truth through prayer.  Prayer is the way to talk to God; I feel his love and his spirit the more I pray.  It is incredible how much more I feel him in my life through all my prayers.  I know that he lives.

Alright back to work this week, I love you all!! I hope to hear from you!!

Love, Elder Farah

p.s. we have 2 more baptism dates :)

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