Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My First Investigators!!!!

Hi family and friends :)

This week was probably the most stressful, crazy, week in the mission. But it was my best week in the mission, by far!! We set a goal as a companionship to teach 25 lessons this past week, the normal for the mission is 20. And we thought we were crazy after we set that goal because we had so much to do. We had to prepare the baptism and we had an activity planned for both of the branches, and us 6 missionaries were putting on a little skit for them called the life of a missionary. Needless to say, it was a success and we blew it out of the park. We even had food and everthing. It was so funny, and a member recorded it for me so I will have to send it home so you all can laugh!! And when we have bapstims and activities, we have to plan everything, it is nothing like in the states where the members will just do it for you. But they are still a great support, and just the fact that so many pople showed up was a miracle! We had like 60 people there. The church is so far away for a lot of the members, upwards of an hour bus ride. And some people just walk because they can't afford to pay the bus. They are so committed. We need to be more grateful for the fact that we have so many churches nearby and it is easy to access them.

Alright so my first two investigators, that me and my companion found, were baptized this week. We found Mishellee through her cousin, who is a less active memeber.  They are from Nicaragua and just live together. She has a son who is 3. It was incredible to see the change in her, from when we found her till now. And now her cousin is active again!! They are so amazing. And something that shocked me is that she asked me to baptize her last Saturday. So I had the amazing opportunity to bring her soul unto Christ. I could not tell you how happy I was, I was sitting there next to her all dresseed in white before the baptism and I, well, shed a few tears. Needless to say it was in Spanish, I was practicing all week to get it perfect haha. It was incredbile!!! I can´t even describe the happiness that it brought to my soul.

Not only that but out other investigator, Vivian was also baptized. We found her through her husband who is a memeber. She is from Nigergia and has a son who is 6 and he looks just like Sean Kingston haha. She asked the branch president to baptize her and of course he gladly did.  She was so happy as well, and I hope her family can go to the temple very soon.

The mission is incredible, we put in so much work the last 6 weeks to get these people baptized, but it is so worth it. And now, we still have to keep visiting them and teaching them more and more things. We are working so hard out here, I am always so tired and always fighting sleep but it is so worth it. Once I get this language thing down, I will love it that much more. I still struggle all the time, but the Spirit helps me in my times of need.

One more thing, this past week was transfers. And when that happens our preparation days are on Tuesday.  They happen every six weeks, and Iwas really worried that Elder Tirado was going to be transferred, because he has been in Zaragoza for a long time but he is going to finish training me :) I love you all and hope you have a good week!!

Love forever and always,

Elder Farah 

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