Monday, October 29, 2012

What Other Crazy Things Can Happen...

Hello the great world of normal lives!!

So first of all I am glad to hear that BYU finally figured out how to put
the ball into the end zone this week, good win. And the ducks hanging 70
points on the Buffaloes....typical game. We love getting our updates on
football every preparation day!!

Ok so our crazy adventure for the week. We were all cooking lunch the
other day in our tiny kitchen. I was making cheese and ham quesadillas,
Elder Tirado was making shrimp wrapped in bacon and the other elder in our
piso was making mac and cheese (typical man meal right?). So we were all
super focused on our pans on the stove. We had a bar of bread that was a
little stale, so Elder Tirado decides to throw it in the microwave to warm
it up and make it soft. But you need to know that we have an old school
microwave and once you turn the knob, it will just go for up to ten minutes,
it doesn’t stop automatically. So he threw it in, and well let’s just say
that we forgot about it. We smelled something burning and saw smoke and we
just though it was our food. Then Elder Spencer points at the microwave and
yells ¨Oh my goodness!!¨Our bread and microwave were on fire and there was
black smoke fuming. We hurried and turned it off, grabbed the smoke alarms
and ran outside because we were all coughing so much. Ha ha we were laughing
so hard and needless to say now, we don’t have a microwave, we warm
everything up on the stove. And we had to have everything open for the next
3 days to air out our piso and we froze a little bit. It is all good now.
Just another crazy adventure in the life of the Zaragoza elders.

We have another baptism this week!!! It was such a miracle. I was going
through the area book calling a bunch of former investigators because we are
starting our area fresh and wanted to clear out our pool of people and get
more progressing investigators. So I called this woman named Sophia and she
didn’t answer. But later that day she called us and said I want to be
baptized. WHAT?!?! Me and Elder Tirado were in shock. That never
happens!! So she is getting baptized this week :) such a miracle, it was
definitely the Lord blessing us with someone who is ready. It was
incredible, one of the biggest miracle of the mission. I can’t believe it

Yes it is getting pretty cold here. I never thought I would wear a v neck
sweater vest, leather gloves, and a scarf. But they keep you so warm!!! And
it is fashionable here in Spain I we are trying to stay warm and
it is only the end of October ha ha. But I am so happy and am having so
much fun. We are working super hard, but can always work harder. I love
this gospel and I know it is true.


Elder Farah

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