Monday, October 22, 2012

And Another One Goes Down!!!

Hola Familia y Amigos :)

All I really have to say is, we are being so blessed down here in Zaragoza. We had 4 people between our District go down. And there are only 3 companionships in our district. But the investigator that we baptized is from Nigeria and his name is Mike. We had to work really hard with him to get him baptized. He always had the desire to be baptized but had a problem with his coffee and morality. But it was truly a miracle that we experienced with him the other week. We went to go teach him and he had told us that he had gotten rid of his girl and was completely done with coffee and wants to follow Christ because he knows it is the right thing to do. Me and Elder Tirado were shocked!!! Mike has so much faith, we made sure to keep a close eye on him every day before the baptism and he is staying strong. Mike is our brother, and he loves us and we love him. I can’t believe that we have had 4 investigators get baptized in the last 9 weeks when we white washed the area. Such a miracle!! And I have a companion who just knows why he is here and how to work efficiently. I am learning everything I can from him because after this transfer he is probably leaving, so our area will be left to me.

But we are working so incredibly hard, especially to get 600 in 2012. I would like to invite all of you who read this to pray for the mission of Barcelona to get 600 people baptized this year. We need about 200 in the last month. It is going to take a miracle to get this, but we can do it. I have the faith, and I know our mission does as well. But the power of prayer is incredibly strong; I would like to invite you all to help us please :) We hope to set another baptism date with a family this week, they are so good. We are very excited about them. This week we just need to find new people.

So as you know our piso is super tiny and super old. And we have been showering with buckets of water all week....let’s just say it is really cold in the mornings ha ha. When we were at interviews with President Pace and his wife, word had gotten out about our piso so Hermana Pace gave us every green light to find a new piso. So that is what we did, I think we found one today!! It is so nice....and so pijo...ha ha. But we are sending everything to the office so hopefully we can move out next week and get our hot water back!!

But my favorite part about last week was my interview with President Pace. I love that man and his wife so much. I know that they were mission presidents called specially for me and who I am. The interviews are only about 15 minutes long and it is the fastest time of my life. But I love him so much. He could be an apostle one day, I’m sure he will be!!

Alright I love you all very much. Thank you for all the support!!!


Elder Farah

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